Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday and Saturday, October 24th & 25th

Photo by Scott Anna

Friday, Oct. 24th: You are officially in the Mercury storm period (the day prior, of, and after the direct station). So, please take it easy with logistics, decisions, impatience with others - (you may feel like you are under water speaking Swahili and no one can understand you), cars, travel and communication equipment. The Moon continues through penetrating and probing Scorpio.

On SATURDAY the Sun conjuncts Venus in Scorpio encouraging a day of play, relaxation, relating and creativity. But, as Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees of Libra (exact at 3:09 p.m. EDT) please resist the desire for any heart to heart discussions in your primary relationships - things will be clearer and clearer as you near Nov. 10th. AND, the Moon in Scorpio goes VOID a little after Noon EDT for the remainder of the day - decisions made during VOID status have no staying power. Take er easy, go slow, relax, play and visualize the future. ~

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ceres - the asteroid of physical care, mothering, agriculture, young women and nurturing


What you need to feel loved and nurtured.  Death and rebirth - the mystery of renewal, environmental awareness, agriculture and mothering.  Ways to nurture yourself and care for your body. The care of girls transitioning into adulthood. In transit and sign by sign.  I will include a table to find Ceres in your own chart.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week beginning Friday, October 17th ~

Photo by OM Times Magazine

Oct 17th:  Mercury conjunct Venus 22 degrees Libra
October 19th:  Pallas ingress Scorpio (transit through 12/27)
October 20th:  Mercury conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
October 22nd:  Jupiter sextile North Node / Ceres square Nessus
October 23rd:  Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse 0 degrees Scorpio - conjunct Venus and trine Neptune / Venus ingress Scorpio (transit through 11/16)

ARIES:  A growth filled week as stronger chapters are being written in one of the most transformational cycles in your relationship and intimacy experience.  Now, some may say, "Intimacy?  Are you kidding?  It's been a war zone out there."  But, much as been learned has it not?  The Solar Eclipse commences a period of re-writing and re-wiring your perceptions, and course corrections, as substantial support, affection, and resources flow your way.  Wisdom, insight, focus, wellbeing and an increased sense of maturity are the building blocks of this new foundation through the end of December.

TAURUS:  It's been a hard slog for some in the relating areas - less support, less positive mirroring, and an enforced cycle of maturation through negation.  Yet the dawning of development through this "said" cycle of deprivation will begin to work more noticeably in your favor as some lessons have been learned, and some insights integrated.  All that you need, to see more clearly, who do I value and why, is the next cycle at the Solar Eclipse.  Give this time to unfold, define itself, and manifest into the uplifting situations and people that you truly seek.  

GEMINI: The next chapter of your daily life begins to take shape at the Solar Eclipse heralding in more value, ease, comfort, appreciation and personal service development.  Pets and co-workers for a change, become less a burden and more a source of pleasure and gratification.  It is easier for you over the next several weeks to shape a schedule and routine that suits you (not dictated by others) and your working levels (biorhythms).  Folding in more of your original and imaginative visions is necessary.

CANCER:  Purposeful pleasure, enjoyment and original expression flows in after a period of doubt, negation, and limitation.  The Solar Eclipse energy elicits another layer/level of development as the Sun and Venus are super-powered into the sign of power, transformation, and self-mastery (Scorpio).  In the 5th house of self, the focus is even more important and the stakes higher.  Please, focus on what you do want, not on what you don't want.  Lessons have been intense the past two years as you've been asked to take responsibility for your heart, your focus, and your reality.    What serves your highest good?

LEO:  A supercharged New Moon is occurring in the most personal area of your chart - soul and home.  Plenty of challenges have occurred in this area over the past two years and you are finishing up those lessons concerning reality, structure, soul, security, and the family (present and past).  This New Moon promises light, perspective, value and resources.  Another growth aspect occurring this week is the expansion of your mind, your daily connections, commerce, travel and personal knowledge.  Faith coupled with unfolding developments.

VIRGO:  Some people call it timing but I tend to think of it as personal readiness.  Something you've been thinking about and working upon (at some level) is getting ready to manifest and take off.  The super powered New Moon speaks to you of value in all of your personal relationship possibilities, resources and earnings.  This energy combines hard won self-esteem, communication skills, and an internal knowing/intuition.  This carries you through the end of the year as this process opens your mind, communication avenues, financial developments and personal value.

LIBRA:  So much personal growth has occurred over the past year that you will not recognize the old perception of yourself next Fall.  Potent personal developments, opportunities, and an unflappable demonstration of your personal value is set to occur at the Solar Eclipse, and into the weeks and months ahead.  You can no longer deny nor second guess your path.  Your world is opening up as others step forward to support and expand your sense of the possible.  Earnings and the application of nascent talents are on the increase.
SCORPIO:  You are hitting the home stretch of what has been a very important developmental cycle in your life (going back two years).  Your sign has the most power potential of any other sign and hence, requires a higher level of discipline and self-mastery that others may never come close to.  The supercharged New Moon is propelling you upward in a manner that encapsulates your core values, upgraded strength and personal identity.  Wisdom that has been hard won works in concert with the struggle that is now converting into power and personally directed life paths.  Bravo.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are meant to be sharing with others and involving yourself with group/committee/team work that expands upon your individualistic proclivities.  This week shows the value of your involvements and just how much your participation is worth.  Travel, publishing, ceremonies, and spiritual evolvement are also areas highlighted for expansion.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse furthers this cycle of integration between the limiting beliefs of the external world and the boundless creative potentials of your inner world.  Rest, release, daydream and be.

CAPRICORN:  Are career and desires actually intertwined?  A distinct possibility exists to do more of what you love and value at the Solar Eclipse.  As both Venus and the Sun ingress your 11th house of hopes and dreams they are receiving a super-shot of energy commencing a several week/month period of developments that require you to embrace your personal desires.  Your career is taking on a dimension of personal growth that may have (still) feel unbelievable to you compared to 6 months ago.  As your support systems and psychological well being continue to grow, trust that you can indeed reach for and safely experience more.

AQUARIUS:  The Solar Partial Eclipse is highlighting the apex of your life - the most public area that symbolizes one's life direction, career, "calling..," avocation, authority figures (especially female), reputation, and parent.  Developments occur over the next several weeks that carry the message of relationship progress, public relating, money, value, and creativity.  You may receive honor, acknowledgement, and professional advancement. Trust your intuition this week as you engage in intuitive listening, "hearing the meaning behind the words."

PISCES:  A highly intuitive and dare I say "potent manifestation period," arrives courtesy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 9th house of the higher mind, time travel, precognition, publishing, foreign/unusual experiences, and media.  The Eclipse reaches out in supportive fashion to Neptune in your sign furthering the opportunity to bend your outer reality to your will (as long as what is good for you is also good for others).  Accepting support from others and choosing constructive opportunities for change continues to be the North Nodes growth cycle making very supportive connections in your 8th house of transformation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, October 10th ~

Photo by Stacey HInkle ~

Oct. 10th:  Mercury RX into Libra until Nov. 8th / Sun sextile Jupiter
Oct. 11th:  Venus opposition Uranus 
Oct. 12th:  Sun conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
Oct. 15th:  Venus conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
Oct. 16th:  Sun conjunct Mercury 23 degrees Libra

ARIES:  Relationship school continues but now the course curriculum encourages you to go slow and keep in touch with yourself - check in (how am I feeling about this exchange).  An enlightening and positive week as you delve into another layer of integration and personal awareness.  More value is due from the others in your world, moving you along as you ponder and internally integrate future partnership dynamics.

TAURUS:  You may think you are going over old ground regarding your talents, work, or services.  But, in truth, you are becoming more conscious about what your higher self already knows - your value, your abilities, and your increasing levels of confidence, are the fuel for the creative harmony and health that is due you.  This week is about "applying" what you already know.  Live your truth.  Walk your talk.  You are supported.

GEMINI:  The dust is settling from the Lunar Eclipse, and what is left are potent areas of growth and development.  Some people, groups, and teams are in the releasing stage encouraging you to rely on your own heart urgings, and creative voice - please trust that.  You are awakening to the essence of your personal value in all things.  Trust and know that your thoughts are blossoming into your future very soon.

CANCER:  Recent developments in career, with authority, and life direction, may have left you exhausted.  But, this week brings the kind of growth, comfort, and focus you can rely on.  Solidification in the area of your personal life and security is promised.  No fast moves are required as you tend to your inner world and cultivate.

LEO:  Communications in all forms have been a huge focus this past year.  Now, the insight and growth is palpable as any perceived losses are seen as a much needed clearing out process.  You gain traction and understanding on the way forward in community relations, sibling connections, education, writing, teaching, and travel.  The 12th provides strong insights - listen.

VIRGO:  This past week may have brought shocking events, insights, and financial developments.  But, rest assured Virgo, your path this week presents substantial and viable options that are already in operation regarding your talents, earnings, and self-confidence.  Good things come to those who wait - developments on the 16th realign you with abundant possibilities.

LIBRA:  The finales of the past week position you now to focus upon your growth, personal development, and higher purpose.  An element of distraction and debilitating relationship situations have either been swept away or rejuvenated.  Now, you are strongly encouraged to focus upon you and your desires, dreams, and evolution.  The 15th aligns with destiny in your personal understanding and future.

SCORPIO:  After the intense Lunar Eclipse, much has been cleared and removed allowing you to create and connect with your true desires, not obligations.  So much is being accomplished at the subterranean levels fueling your subconscious with possibilities.  Rising above the fear and limiting beliefs clears your path for personal transformation and true validation of your journey.

SAGITTARIUS:  Now the pathways are clearing urging you to follow your dreams, desires and personal happiness.  Events this week will leave you a believer as synchronicity connects with long hoped for developments.  People are willing to help, support, and point you towards satisfying avenues of personal growth - trust the helpmates that surround you.

CAPRICORN:  Dynamics have changed at the foundational levels of your life - home, housing, family and living situation.  Now, as you catch your breath and look up, relief envelops your sense of place in the world.  Growth occurs in your outer life, purpose, career and reputation.  Take your time drinking in the connections, exchanges, and positive developments that are meant to transform you in the highest manner possible.

AQUARIUS:  Your locale as been shaken and stirred as the Lunar Eclipse brought closure and reckonings in your communications and connections.  What moves in this week to refocus your attention, is a point of convergence regarding your beliefs and the bigger picture of your life.  Drink in a good long look as insights manifest pointing the way to new and different ways of both perceiving, and interacting, with your world.  Travel, studies, and philosophy may be useful avenues for positive engagement.  World view shifts.

PISCES:  You need support and support is here for you, now, this week, and into the future.  It is taking on a shape and form that may be unrecognizable to you at this juncture but won't be for long.  Undeniable proof of your value, support systems, and financial prospects reaches potent contact points this week.  The trick is to process these developments - gather data, keep records, jot notes into your journal without the need for immediate assumptions or action.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week beginning Friday, October 3rd ~

The asteroid CERES - how you nurture self and others

Oct. 4th:  Mercury retrograde at 2 degrees Scorpio through 10/25  / Mars square Chiron / Sun square Pluto /Sappho conjunct Psyche (passion/sex/writing and longing/desire to connect/intuition) through 10/7
Oct. 6th:  Vesta ingress Sagittarius through 12/3 - area of personal integration/devotion/sacred focus
Oct. 7th:  Sun opposition Uranus
Oct. 8th:  Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aries: conjunct Uranus, square Pluto/Eros, opposition Venus, Grand trine to Mars and Jupiter
Juno, the asteroid of give and take, fairness and relating, enters Leo for the remainder of the year 

ARIES:   Listening to your intuition regarding what feels right for you is highlighted at the Eclipse.  Tension with your career passions and intensity, is present as is support and flow in your creative desires, higher mind, and adventure.  Your happiness and personal desires are of utmost importance carrying you through another level of growth as well as necessary release.  Old connections, ambitions, or public roles are changing and culminating.  Reviewing resources and key partnership dynamics commences through mid November.

TAURUS:  Depending on your level of awareness this Eclipse can provide a deeper understanding of the manifestation process, and soul truths, moving you along your path in an enlightened and sometimes, shockingly fast manner.  Culminations may also be occurring with those struggling with illness/confinement, or in private situations that are brought to light.  Managing the details and responsibilities will need to be handled as well.  Slowdowns in planning and communications occur in key partnerships, as well as a need to revisit former agreements, and understandings. 

GEMINI:   The Eclipse is the bearer of progress, transitions, and electrified developments with your groups, personal dreams, friendships, and wishes.  So much energy is unfolding that you are invited to take your time, and be with, your internal truth and feeling nature.  Fairness in education, sibling relationships, travels, and the "way" in which you connect with others, are areas of continuing balance and growth.  Review your resources, finances and shared assets.

CANCER:  A busy, and potentially erratic time with authority figures, parents, career and public life arrives at the Full Moon Eclipse.  Breakthroughs are possible in technology and innovation, but not without a modicum of discomfort.  Others in your world will feel hard to handle while passionately ensconced in their views and opinions.  Focusing on your talents, abilities, and the support system that surrounds your daily life will move you through this period in the best manner possible.   Home, children, and personal security areas are an internal and private focus through mid-November.

LEO:   Communications, travel, adventure, and your work, health, and obligations are in focus at the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Publishing, celebrations, and legal activity reach a climax and culmination.  Meanwhile, a time of review ensues as you recalibrate the educational pursuits, writing activity and sibling relationships through mid-November.  Passion can heat up as Sappho (a very sexual and communicative energy), combines with the intuitive desires of Psyche in your 7th house in professional experts, committed relationships and clients.  Juno enters your sign placing focus on any personal situations where there is too much give, or too much take.  She will be keeping score through the remainder of the year.

VIRGO:   Finances, your resources, outside resources, trust, intimacy, your partner's money, and your personal earnings are strongly highlighted at the Eclipse.  Endings or beginnings unfold, perhaps in surprising ways that are delineating points in this moment and time.  Children, passionate romances, or creative desires are areas of tension and adjustment.  But, Mercury ensures that not all is quite what it appears as he revisits your personal resources for a rethink until November 9th.  Vesta enters your 4th house encouraging you to find refuge and peace within your home and with family.  Tend to your soul.

LIBRA:  Relationships, partnerships, client activity and experts that you engage with are highlighted at the Lunar Eclipse.  Change (of course) is in the air bringing culminations through commitments, endings, or increased interactions with clients/experts.  Your job is to determine what is of highest value to "you" without being overly pulled to and fro.  Your home and family dynamics are also in the mix pushing for more change and release in situations that are no longer sustainable.  Mercury will be tracing back into your sign for a rethink of all things personally important to you.  Take the time to explore your life journey, areas of personal importance, and your next steps.

SCORPIO:  Culminations in health, those with health issues, work, schedules, co-workers, pets, and your services are at hand at the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Yet, with these quick developments is the advice to bide your time.  You gain more clarity on important insights, developments behind the scenes (that are currently hidden, unclear, or misconstrued) as you head towards November.  Stronger footing and clear energetics begin to develop in a way that you can actually "see" and work with the more patient you are.  Commit to not committing, especially this weekend when Mercury stops dead in his tracks for a 3 week review period.

SAGITTARIUS:   You are in a strong gestation period where you are asked to be clear "inwardly" on your bottom line, what is absolutely non-negotiable, and of sacred ground.  The Eclipse is moving in, or out, an innovative desire, romantic possibility (although I don't recommend that now...), child developmental situation, or creative personal projects.  Can you do what you want and still be supported by your tribe?  And, given an enforced choice, which is more important?  Financial situations, and your sense of self, may depend on these areas now.  You don't know what you don't know and that is your strength this month - committing to not committing.

CAPRICORN:   An upgrading of your personal life and family situation is highlighted at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Some adjustments are required of you for sure, but standing firm on how far you can, or are willing to go in your current situation is up to you.  This is a passionate time for you as you are willing and powerfully able to review your desires, group affiliations, and personal goals.  You have support behind the scenes - be it a financial backer, spiritual protection, and/or laser like awareness.

AQUARIUS:  The Grand Fire Trine that culminates at the Lunar Eclipse speaks to developments in communications, thought, relating, friendships and leadership.  Evolution occurs in the spoken word, travel, locale, thought patterns, and knowledge gathering.  Sappho (sexuality, the written word) conjuncts Psyche (intuition, longing, desire) at 8 degrees of Aquarius.  Write, talk, travel, and express yourself.  A review period commences regarding your systems of belief, educational, publishing, and travel pursuits.

PISCES:  Your earnings, talents and resources are amplified at the Lunar Eclipse highlighting innovation, breaking from tradition/group mind, technological application, and surprise.  Another's resources, feelings, and values needs to be taken into account.  Work, schedules, knowing what you are good at, and how that knowing fuels your life, are supported.  Publishing, websites, promotions, travel, and educational effort are under a period of review and tweaking.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, September 26th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Sept. 17th:  Mercury ingress Scorpio transits until Oct. 10th
Sept. 29th:  Venus ingress Libra transits until Oct. 23rd

ARIES:  Fresh on the heels of the New Moon in your slice of relationship life, Venus enters to add her powerful influence of elegance, harmonization, desires, and support mechanisms in your key relationships - value grows.  Mercury encourages a slowing down and review of your resources in concert with others resources.  Take your time, and go within to allow feelings and instincts to flow.  Forward moving energetics and decisions will take hold as November unfolds.  All in good time...

TAURUS:  A transition period ensues fueled by a need and necessity to reform your daily schedule, health, and services that you offer out the world.  Please do come from the energy of the highest, most satisfying, and of personal value to you.  The higher the vibration, the stronger the outcomes.  Again, as you know, allow this to be a process devoid of smash and grab decisions, and actions.  By mid-November your foothold is strong, and your planning infinitely practical and doable.

GEMINI:  You are on notice to rethink your passions.  Are you connected with passion?  By passion, I mean loving what you do on a daily basis, finding your own unique, and yes....creative, voice.   Your energy is needed in the world.  The only prerequisite is that it is authentically and honestly yours.  Allowing for a slower interaction with linear time over the next 6 weeks allows this molding process to take shape.  Let the molder do his work.

CANCER:  A time to reconnect with your inner world, individual truths, and personal life as the New Moon is intent upon blowing in some fresh air in the way you define yourself, your sense of security, your family history, and freedom to be comfortable in your own skin.  "Time is on my side," as Mick Jagger vocalizes and so it is for you.  Home is wherever you validate your personal experience and value.  Plans regarding your creative initiatives, offspring, or romantic ties are on hiatus until mid-November.

LEO:  You need to get out there and connect with people.  Value is found in discussions with neighbors, siblings, educational exchange, and in your community.  You will also come to understand how much you are valued and appreciated as a result of your charming availability.  Home projects, family decisions and real estate matters are better left until mid-November - once you can fully trust the facts and confidently your instincts.  Enjoying your daily exchanges is much more important now.

VIRGO:  You are meant to understand, at a very personal level, what your Soul has been focused upon teaching you over the past year.  That you are of infinite value, that what you have to offer the market place IS important, and that the health and care of your self-esteem is of utmost priority during this next chapter of growth.  Tend to it, care for it, surround yourself with esthetic things/places/people of beauty and feed your Soul.  Outward manifestations arrive in mid-November - no pressure k?

LIBRA:  It appears that there are some elements of self that are in need of recapturing.  With the hustle, bustle, and general distractions (many) that have pervaded your life over the past year, it is now time to slow down and gather thee rosebuds.  Something is brewing, no doubt about it.  A clearer you with a stronger voice, and an updated version of yourself that has always been lurking beneath the overlay of "needing to handle things and don your firefighter attire."  Don't let linear time mess with your head.  Value is found in slowing things down and tending to your inner truths.  More money and personal value arrives come mid-November.

SCORPIO:  The artifact of the mind, or, simply put - "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."  A relevant concept for you as your Soul cycle (over the past year) has been clearing the path to dissolving that old groove that governs your beliefs and thought patterns.  Now, you are strongly encouraged to clear this up in a way that is conscious, of "high" value and in vibrational integrity.  Take the time to watch yourself in active thought and feeling.  If your feelings and thoughts are in opposition to wishing for a better life, you now get to be the "watcher" of your own process, and to make some uplifting and much needed course corrections.  Invest in squarely on self over the next 6 weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  Conscious raising is due as to your outer life of participation and friendships.  If you've felt beholden or overly "obliged" this year to respond to other peoples seemingly endless needs and requests, a time of reckoning may be upon you.  What do YOU want?  Are you involved with other like minded souls who can see the value of your contributions?  If so, excellent!  If not, an opportunity is now commencing that slows down the demanding engagements while allowing for a review of your personal drives, desires and most importantly happiness.  What is aligned and what is not?  What should stay and what (or who) should go?  

CAPRICORN:  Your calling in life is, well, calling you.  The growth you've been experiencing over the past year has been in the outer world of connections and in carving out your own niche.  Over the next 6 weeks there are some details to recapture, plans to revisit and communications to review.  You are supported and well thought of.  People are willing to help, to advance your visibility and to respond to your desires.  But, more is taking shape and not quite in the presentation phase...not yet.  Allow the energetics out there, and inside yourself, to align and develop.  Former colleagues, contacts, and professional acquaintances show up in your life - they are part of this review period.

AQUARIUS:  Expansion, education, exploration and the breaking up of routines have been encouraged while the North Node of Soul transits your 9th house.  Now, Venus and later, Mercury (soon to be retrograde) are visiting this area of experience, beckoning you on to travel to far off regions of thought, and literal and/or metaphorical travel.  Value is found in re-examining your beliefs of the world and your place within it.  This will only add to the higher level of perspective and insight in November, and hasten your plans when Mercury re-enters your 10th house of life direction and avocation.

PISCES:  The process of integration, psychic housecleaning and psychological healing has been an ongoing theme.  The bumpy ride you've endured, going back to April and January, is now entering a more personal, conscious, and rewarding phase.  Making sense of the past year, feeling more support, and applying conscious strategy to your wellbeing - financial, emotional, and otherwise, is your cycle over the next 6 weeks.  Your time is well spent in thinking through these very areas, reengaging those forgotten insights and details that slipped through the cracks.  If there are financial dealings/payouts/awards that have been stuck in a process of red tape you may find these very resources now find their way (rightfully so) to you.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 24th & 25th ~ New Moon

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Wednesday, Sept. 24th:  The New Moon in Libra occurs at 2:15 a.m. EDT and carries the message of new chapters developing on old themes.  Both this month's and next month's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, occur at the earliest degrees of their respective signs - fresh energetics commence.  The New Moon initiates trends/chapters in relationships, fairness, marriage and justice themes that are tied to the Full Lunar Eclipse in Libra that will occur on April 4th of 2015.  A fresh cycle begins!  The asteroid Psyche turns direct at 8 degrees of Aquarius opening the intuitive channels of the future and group dynamics you may be longing to participate in.  She will transit Aquarius through December 25th.

On THURSDAY the Jupiter Uranus trine is exact at 15 degrees of Leo and Aries, respectively.  Intuition flows as the opportunity for self-expression coincides expansively with affairs of the heart, friendships, group activities, publishing, writing, travel and spiritual expansion.  You feel good engaging with the new, different and innovative. 

Mercury is already in his retrograde shadow urging a slow down in external plans, commercial activity, agreements and developments.  He will turn retrograde on Oct. 4th at 2 degrees of Scorpio.  Slowing down the big life decisions (when possible) until the 2nd week of November. ~ Soulful times.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 22nd and 23rd ....

My native homeland in Upstate NY ~ photo by Joanna Sohovic
Monday, September 22nd:  A powerful day as the initiating cardinal signs are involved.  At 1:56 p.m. EDT subterranean Pluto stations direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn (subscribe to my Pluto Direct INspire video).  Since April 15th you have engaged with, worked upon, connected to and changed some aspect of your person-hood, business, finance, soulful understanding and (ideally), released elements in your life that have long outlived their usefulness.  Now, another level of growth, mobilization and development occurs as Pluto slowly grinds forward in the cardinal sign of "structure" oriented Capricorn.

The Moon is traveling through "of service,", minding the details, and analytical Virgo.  At 10:30 p.m. EDT the Sun makes his annual ingress into the Cardinal air sign of Libra (equal part day to night).  Where details, health and service has been of focus, now your natural orientation focuses upon fairness, your inner relationship, decision making, intellectual strategy, partnership health and functionality.

On TUESDAY the Moon in Virgo goes VOID (nothing of consequence happens) at 8:16 a.m. for the remainder of the day.  You are preparing for the New Moon in Libra that will occur on Wednesday.  It's easy now to explore your feelings, process situations/dynamics that have occurred over the past two weeks and to handle what is on your plate (not a day/time for bold energetic new starts).  The last aspect the Moon makes before her VOID status is a conjunction to Venus ensuring an easy day of value and pleasantness.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, September 12th

Photo by Scott Michael Anna

Sept. 12th:  Sappho turns direct at 5 degrees Aquarius (transits through Dec. 1st)
Sept. 13th:  Mercury opposition Uranus (Libra to Aries)
Sept. 14th:  Mars ingress Sagittarius (transits through 10/26) / Venus trine Pluto (Virgo to Capricorn)
Sept. 16th:  Mercury conjunct True Node (19 degrees Libra) 

ARIES:  Finally, a little relief and closure is experienced in your elongated relationship education as Mars moves on to an area of your chart that feels significantly more comfortable and familiar.  Travel, publishing, educational pursuits, media, and experiencing the intake of fresh air as your personal journey is enhanced as Mars enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius.  Pay attention to your efforts, instincts and drive as what is intuitively acted upon over the next 6 weeks will deepen in effort, application, and structure when Saturn enters your 9th house at the end of December (2.5 year transit).

TAURUS:  Transformation of personal will, attachment to desires, and how much support you receive from the world around you is a focus as Mars enters your 8th house of psychology and resources.  Saturn's entrance into this very area occurs at the end of December signaling a 2.5 year period of strengthening your self reliance and self sufficiency.  The 13th through the 15th enhances your creative, financial, travel, marketing, and romantic connections.  

GEMINI:  Mars takes up residence in the sign opposite yours indicating a 6 week period of increased interactions with others.  Clients, mates, experts, competitors, colleagues and key relationships are highly spirited, demanding, enlightening, expansive and purposeful.  On the 16th a deeper understanding or essence, may be experienced when you connect more deeply with pleasure, children, teaching or romance.  This signifies a day of growth and perhaps intellectual understanding that bridges your soul with you mind in a unifying manner.

CANCER:  Your schedule, obligations and workload gets busier over the next 6 weeks.  If you've been pondering a physical health regime this may be the time that kick starts your resolve.  Additionally, please do be conscious in your daily movements as Mars transiting your 6th house is prone to haste and accidents!  Will, effort, and ambition is found while applying your skills in a confident and straightforward manner.  Take the plunge now as Saturn will be following Mars in 3 months intent upon holding you to your health, nutritional, and committed work habits.

LEO:  If you are feeling a bit more daring, social and pleasure seeking blame it on Mars exiting your 4th house of "homework," personal life and soul growth.  Mars and Saturn have been pinching at your exuberance levels and pinning you down in your personal and family life.  Now, Mars action oriented vibe is lighting up your desire for fun, sport, taking a chance or two, and heartfelt action.  Pay attention to what transpires over the next 6 weeks as the energy ruling commitment, business, and personal reality will be following up at the end of this year to restructure your heart flow (think teaching, children, taking your creativity seriously and love).

VIRGO:  The 16th highlights your capacity to grow into/integrate with future plans, talents and earning capabilities as Mercury conjuncts the Soul deepening North Node.  Mars enters your 4th house of personal life, family conditions, living situations and soul awareness for the next 6 weeks.  At the core of your being is a quintessential student and philosopher - you "need" a sense of expansion in your soul journey.  Saturn's entrance into this very area at the end of December will require a level of seclusion, and the clearing out of any lingering family issues, and limiting personal belief systems.  

LIBRA:  Traveling out and about town, writing, educational endeavors, buying/selling, sibling relationships and your mental activity are all on the increase as Mars enters your 3rd house.  You are the perpetual student/teacher needing a sense of growth and expansion to keep your mind engaged.  Saturn will move in after the Mars transit (in December), converting will and desire, into commitment and skill development.  This week continues a time of mental awareness, surprise and growth as Mercury connects with the higher mind (Uranus) and the North Node of intuitive soul urgings.
SCORPIO:  Your co-ruler Mars enters your 2nd house of resources where he will transit until Oct. 26th.  You will be putting your resources to use as the drive to spend, acquire, and earn is highlighted.  Much may be going out the door in the form of extra expense but you also have the drive and determination to expand your resource levels.  On the 13th and 14th a powerful day for developments in money, relationships and communications occur.
SAGITTARIUS:  Mars is the harbinger of new chapters to come.  His job is to rev up your self-confidence, infuse you with a zeal for dynamic action, and to mobilize your personal desires and agendas.  As you well know, Saturn will be entering your sign at the end of this year and commence with a whole new process of reality, structure, and personal boundary building - for some a time when a business can be built on the foundation of your own very special talents.  On the 15th and 16th insights into personal plans and the tribe you call "home" is highlighted as Mercury conjuncts the soulful North Node in your 11th house of personal happiness.
CAPRICORN:  Downtime is what some call this next phase as Mars enters your 12th house of the generational past.  Going within to work with your own vibrational energies is needed.  It may manifest as lowered energy and mental fatigue.  When you are mentally tired you worry more, so acquiesce, and allow for some floating time when possible, to rest, stare out the window, and dial down the outer world engagements.  Insights, personal truths, higher consciousness, travel, teaching, media, and world connections are in flow on the 14th.  Dream work and the subconscious areas of reality take on more importance over the next 2 yrs.
AQUARIUS:  The asteroid Sappho turns direct in the early degrees of your sign where she will transit through December 1st.  Sappho is an extremely sexual energy that also has a strong tie to what one really wants deep within; unique desires.  Your personal desires are also lite up in your house of friendships, personal happiness quotient, and technology projects/social media as Mars transits this area for the next 6 weeks.  He provides plenty of pluck and adhering to the group mind may be challenging when the planet of personal drive is at work.  
PISCES:  As your house of others continues to be emblazoned with energy and focus, your public life, to include: community involvements, work, career, authority figures, mom or dad, and public appearances is being energized as Mars enters your 10th house of avocation and life direction.  Personal will and ambition is now your energetic attire coupled with a cautionary note to be very aware of any potential toe smashing (authority figures/decision makers can be a bit testy and demanding) you may inadvertently employ as you focus on your goals over the next 6 week period.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

SEPTEMBER'S INspire Video and a New Video Service

Pluto Direct on Sept. 22nd ~ the next level of Soul Renewal

The transformative energy of Pluto - enforced growth, change or die, transformation of reality, structures and ambitions.  Soul renewal, transmutation and personal power.  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn at 11 degrees.  I'll discuss this energetic sign by sign.  Pluto's transits over the next 6 months will be listed - "dates to be aware of."  These video's go deeper than the norm on origin and I discuss personal examples.  A reference guide is included with all the INspire video's including dates and energetics to be aware of that you can go back, review and revisit. 

When you subscribe I will send the link (within 24 hours) directly your email.  You are then placed on the subscriber list that is sent out the 1st of every month.  October's INspire Video will discuss the "super" mothering energy of Ceres and the ability to grieve, recover and rejuvenate.  I will provide a tool to access your Ceres placement as well as informational notes and transits to be aware of.

~New Service ~ Your Personal Videoscope 

~I film your personal Video recording discussing your natal chart - areas of growth, areas of ease, Soul Purpose as well as the 12 month transit cycle ahead.   

Month by month information on cycles and timing.

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~Areas I normally address are:  Life calling, natural creative abilities, timing for businesses, buying/selling, areas of luck, learning, work and soul purpose.

When filling out your Client Form you will provide me with specific areas/interests to focus upon.  Approximately 50 minutes in duration

I've made enormous changes in my personal life over the past two months and am freer to create and develop services that inspire not only me, but, hopefully you as well.  

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