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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Venus transits Leo - June 5th through October 9th

June 5th:  Venus enters Leo
June 21st:  Venus retrograde shadow period (Venus begins to "slow")
July 18th:  Venus enters Virgo
July 25th:  Venus retrogrades in Virgo at 0 degrees
July 31st:  Venus retrogrades back into Leo
Sept. 6th:  Venus turns direct at 14 degrees Leo
Oct. 8th:  Venus enters Virgo
Oct. 9th:  Venus retrograde shadow period ends (Venus energy fully functional)

You are entering a period focused on your heart, re-claiming your joy, self-expression and vitality.  Where Venus is transiting is where you are meant to experience "VALUE." Consider this a potent time for deepening your value related to play, your heart's passion, creativity, personal love and enthusiasm.  Venus is transiting the sign that Jupiter has been seeking to expand and magnify the past year. An important time as Venus would not spend so long a period in the self-actualizing sign of Leo weren't it not important.  A gestation process is underway urging you to go slow and deepen your personal experiences in love, play, with children, creativity and drama.  Let the molder do her work knowing that October is a time for new birthing and life experiences.
When Venus turns retrograde you are advised to suspend any "new" beautification projects, plastic surgery, and personal esthetic enhancements as things will not turn out as you wish.  Take a time out as Venus begins to slow the 2nd week of July and isn't fully operational until mid-October.  Additionally, any new relationships begun at this time will not proceed as expected once Venus turns direct in October.

ARIES:  This 4 month period of Venus transiting your 5th house is focused upon fun, entertainment, and having a good time.  It's important to enjoy yourself as it raises your vibration and increases your life force.  Children will be a stronger source of pleasure (what can you learn from them) and you may feel a stronger need to express yourself through a creative project or attend events (concerts, plays, parties) that expands your experience of joy and enjoyment.  Love relationships may undergo a period of review or a "quieting" as a deeper change is underway at the retrograde.  Ex's, former loves and playmates may re-appear at the retrograde as there seems to be a need for resolutions and understandings.
TAURUS:  You enter a 4 month period of focus in your personal life.  An expansive sense of well being and peace may encompass you inviting you to relax, "be," and live life at a softer pace.  Value is found with parents, family, domestic environments and with Soul focus.  Family and domestic relations become more amiable and congenial.  Spending time with family is important as this is a time of development and gratification.  Home decorating may be a focus but the retrograde is NOT a time to initiate new undertakings but rather to build upon what has already begun and to curb extravagance.  Deepening your sense of purpose and personal security is important.

GEMINI:  Over the next 4 month period your everyday surroundings, contacts and environment are more pleasant and agreeable.  Your social life picks up as you connect with neighbors and community to socialize and talk.  Sibling relationships are extra enjoyable as well.  At a deeper level the value of your mind, thought process and personal expression is under a period of re-shaping.  Let people know how much you love them and share those positive thoughts.  As Venus retrogrades those you have lost contact with may reappear in the form of relatives and community contacts.  They are a part of your developing value system and communication building.

CANCER:  Venus transiting your 2nd house amplifies the VALUE theme changing and magnetizing those things and circumstances to you.  The positive side of this is the ability to attract material possessions and money, as well as people.  Financial opportunities may come up but if you can curb the tendency towards extravagance this can work well.  Your tastes may be more lavish than your budget can afford.  Beautiful clothes, jewelry and art objects can be enjoyable now but you are encouraged to "hold off" on these very items when Venus turns retrograde.  Same with financial negotiations and investments - move forward until mid-July then put on hold until mid-October.

LEO:  An elongated Venus transit in your 1st house will influence your whole manner of expressing yourself to others.  A greater desire to relate to others, compromise , social agreeableness and making a favorable impression is especially easy now.  A positive for personal make-overs is encouraged IF done before mid-July or after mid-October.  Likewise with clothing sprees, plastic surgery, new and different hair cuts - all can bring elevated energy to your personal image, self-confidence and personal expression if done before or well after the Venus retrograde.  A time for deepening your self-respect and valuing yourself is the repatterning process of the retrograde.

VIRGO:  A powerful 4 month period commences inviting you to embrace your inner most energy.  This can be time for powerful messages in your dreams regarding your value, worth and desires.  Venus transiting the 12th house may bring a time to review your relating dynamics and relationships.  This may be experienced as a time of sacrifice on behalf of another experiencing hardship or ill health.  Value can be found in taking time for introspection, contemplation, rest and ultimately with an eye towards personal renewal when Venus transits your sign (full time) in October.  Be careful of over-giving or placing others on an unrealistic pedestal.
LIBRA:  Venus transiting your 11th house of contacts, friends and social activities signals a good time for a good time.  Long lost friends reappear now bringing VALUE to feeling supported, understood and validated.  Any work you may perform on behalf of groups, teams or committees will be valued.  Your ego energies are low so that you can deal agreeably with others making compromises and concessions when needed.  Love relationships possess a friendly quality.   Friendships bring love and love brings friendship.  A goal or dream can be actualized once Venus turns direct in September.

SCORPIO:  You are entering a long Venus transit through your 10th house that will create favorable circumstances in your business, professional or community life as you "attract" people and circumstance that further your work and community standing.  People in authority are favorably inclined toward you and most of these relationships will run smoothly.  As Venus retrogrades contacts or possibly opportunities from the past may appear.  Artistic matters may be important now as is relationship cultivation.  Attraction may be geared toward someone you perceive is of a higher status or position.  Take your time in any relationship matters knowing that clarity will indeed prevail during the mid-October period.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Hopefully travel is in your future over the summer months.  Any travel embarked upon now will be significant in the pleasure it brings.  Traveling to distant shores and frequenting places traveled before may be especially beneficial as Venus retrogrades in your 9th house.  Women at a distance can be helpful to you now regarding publishing, media or promotional work.  You desire the different, foreign and unexplored as a means to glean more value in your world view and place within it.  Philosophy, higher education and knowledge gathering geared toward your spiritual understanding is especially beneficial.  If websites or publishing activities are on your plate the slower the better as you hold an eye towards mid-October for launch.

CAPRICORN:  Venus transiting your 8th house can have subtle effects on a number of areas in your life.  The long transit can stimulate the sexual side of a relationship bringing value to the experience of intimacy and trust building.  This can be a time when your spouse, business partner or company enhances your situation making more resources available to you compliments of them!  Yet, financial situations may take longer to negotiate or implement as Venus turns retrograde.  There may be extenuating circumstances that require a longer period of patience and review before closure comes in October.  A time of psychological healing may be at hand as you have the "space" and time to deal with any outstanding grieving or mental stresses. 

AQUARIUS:  This is a very fortunate time for all relationships - love affairs, marriages, coworkers, partners, business associates, experts that you hire for their knowledge and the public as Venus transits your 7th house for an elongated period.  Expressing affection, emotions and feelings are easier now as you value your partnerships and interactions as you seek harmony and deeper understanding.  When Venus turns retrograde an invitation to go within and reflect upon your relating style and unconscious habits is especially fortuitous.  Any relationships begun under a Venus retrograde is not as it appears and you will inevitable discover and come to understand in October.  Former partners may reappear during the retrograde in the spiritual essence of bringing closure and enhanced understanding.
PISCES:  Venus transiting your 6th house of practicality, daily work and schedule seeks to bring more harmony, beauty and flow to your daily living.  Duties and obligations may need to be revised and reviewed within partnership and those you work with as Venus turns retrograde.  Financial favors are possible from your employer as are acts of kindness and consideration from those you work with and interact on a regular basis.  Weight gain is possible as Venus seems to magically double caloric intake and amplify your sweet tooth.  Value is found in the smooth running and mechanics of your daily life, obligations and responsibilities.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Natural Remedies for Dogs

Luna in recovery ~

I would be remiss not to share my Mercury Retrograde story with other dog lovers out there.  I have always loved animals and was home to a brother and sister pair of cats for several years.  While working a 9 to 5 job I didn't have the luxury of time to properly care for a dog.

Now I do.  But, this was severely tested over the past two months.

Her playcare center was closed due to a strain (outside the inoculation scope of the Bordatella vaccine) of Mycoplasma an infectious respiratory bacteria.  They asked if she was sneezing or coughing and I replied yes!  Off to the vet we went.  He did not test her for the bacteria and immediately placed her on a 10 day regime of antibiotics.

Ten days later she was still sneezing and coughing.  It was during this time that I read about the increase of allergies in eastern Virginia due to the very harsh and cold winter.  Everything was blooming at once!  I then started researching and placed her on a daily herbal supplement of Quercetin & Bromelain.  Holistic vets call it "Natures Benadryl."  I gave her one 500 milligram tab per day and it worked like a charm.  Sneezing and nasal coughing gone within a 24 hour period - with no side effects.

Three weeks after this treatment another health issue emerged.  On a Saturday afternoon a 5 hour period commenced of violent vomiting.  I have now come to suspect this was due to a pesticide.  I white knuckled my resolution to wait this out for a 24 hour period.  If the vomiting didn't abate and she was not able to drink water within 12 hours we would head off to the ER at the animal hospital. 

Thankfully the vomiting stopped within 5 hours and 10 hours later she was taking in water.  The next day she was also eating small bits of cooked sweet potato and rice.  I researched and purchased the herbal supplement Slippery Elm.  

I bought the powder form and made a tea with one heaping teaspoon in a cup of water. It is "Natures Probiotic" as it coats the GI tract with it's gelatinous texture and very mild taste.  Let it cool and then administer via syringe (if need be)  2 tablespoons four times per day.  She would not eat it poured over food or offered in a small bowl.  I had to "get it down."  Now she simply lies down and allows me to squirt it in her mouth with little fuss.

Within 24 hours her eating and "comfort level" increased.  I administered over the next week and stepped down the dosage to two dosages per day over the 2nd week until her excrement returned to normal.

This can be used for diarrhea and constipation for dogs, cats and humans. 

Slippery Elm is also working as a soothing stomach balm as I change her dry kibbles to a higher level of natural ingredients as it eases the typical stomach upset when dry food is changed.  When your dog is munching down grass at an urgent pace their stomach is bothering them.

So often the knowledge we gain is amassed during a period of "enforced learning," which I am happy to pass along to you.  

Should the need arise, I hope it helps ~ Warmly, Jean

Quantum Note article for July 6th is Akashic Record or Soul History

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mars transits Cancer June 24th through August 8th 2015


A long and "hot" summer?

I was out of the country in December 2012 so it took a few days before I read the horror that occurred up in Sandy Hook.  I sat with tears in the airport reading the unbelievable story.  Since then, public shootings have become the countries new "norm" often on a weekly basis.  A numbing affect has happened since then or rather, a desensitization.  There will always be troubled and ill people in society but with guns so easy to obtain in the US the resulting violence has reached a deafening pitch.  Powerful NRA lobbyists and sophisticated "advertising" techniques that corporations and special interest groups have long employed get the results they pay handsomely for.

Cancer is the United States sun sign and Mars (guns/anger/war) will up heat up the debate through it's transit of Cancer.  Eros the asteroid of passion will be transiting with Mars upping the passion of the debate.  Pluto will be opposing the asteroid Psyche in the US chart over the next 2 years.  Will we move into nurturing (Cancer) or be subsumed by the power and money of the Corporation/NRA?  July will be heating up the dynamics.  How bad do things have to get before change is made?  Or none at all, further amplifying the simmering energies.  

Dates of Note:
July 1st:  Full Moon in Capricorn opposes Mars/Eros in Cancer
July 14th:  Mars conjuncts US Sun in Cancer
July 15th:  Mercury conjuncts Mars (conjunct US Psyche) and both opposes Pluto (14 degrees Cancer to Capricorn) in Capricorn (At the New Moon in Cancer) 
July 25th:  Mars squares Uranus (20 degrees Cancer to Aries)
July 26th:  Mars trines Chiron (21 degrees Cancer to Pisces)

In Cancer Mars asserts himself sensitively, shyly, indirectly, persistently, intuitively and sympathetically.  There is a need to feel connected with one's roots and traditions in order to clarify and understand one's direction in life.  Moodiness, self-protection, vulnerabilities, unconscious fears can color one's perceptions now.  Physical and sexual energy is stimulated by feeling cared for and protected.

Cancer rules breasts, stomach, digestion, food, restaurants, business activity, family, home, Mom and real estate.

ARIES:   Mars transiting your 4th house of soul, unconscious behavior, family and home can stir up energies with those closest to you.  The past bear an influence on your present behavior.  A time to be extra aware of "why" you are doing, feeling agitated or angry in your personal life.  Yet, this can be a very beneficial time for getting things done in your home or moving.  Domestic strife is a very real possibility as you tend towards self-focused desires and drives.  Living with parents can be especially difficult now as well and disputes over land ownership and use is possible.  The more you are "aware" of yourself and sensitivities the better. ~Conscious awareness coupled with physically active home related projects

TAURUS:  As Mars transits your 3rd house your everyday life picks up as you are motivated to connect, call, visit and communicate.  You identify strongly with your ideas and beliefs and may be a bit argumentative?  Be aware that what you say and how you say it carries extra punch now.  Sibling, neighbors, and your locale can be extra energized just beware of the "energy."  A brilliant time commences for writing and speaking as you put forth your ideas with considerable vigor.  If you need to "sell" someone on an idea this is a good time to do it.  ~Power through self-expression

GEMINI:  While Mars transits your 2nd house your ego is identified with what you own and what you value.  Your finances, earning power and material "stuff" is a focus.  More money may be flowing out the door as you spend on those things that provide a sense of ego gratification.  Conversely, your ability to earn more is equally possible.  You are able to use your personal resources (talents, money, possessions) to get things done.  ~Finances and personal resources

CANCER:  As Mars transits your 1st house this will be a time of great activity.  A positive use of this energy is through physical exertion and exercise.  A desire to further your own interests and assert yourself among others is strong.  Be aware that insensitivity be cause a few problems and clashes with your near and dear ones.  Your personality is much more dominate and assertive allowing you to take chances and the courage to assert.  ~Freedom needs and the energy to make things happen

LEO:  Mars transiting the 12th house of encourages you to work alone as much as possible.  This is not a time to seek acknowledgement or validations but to work on yourself, contemplate, rest, research and approach your world in a conscious state of surrender.  Helping those in need of your time or resources is a very useful application of this energy.  Behavior patterns you are not aware of may be more prevelant now as the 12th house is the area of life related to the past, unconsciousness and subconscious patterns.  Be very protective and nurturing of self.  ~The contemplative and restful side of life

VIRGO:  As Mars transits your 11th house it is a time to formulate your goals and actively pursue them.  You identify with the future now and want to work today with an eye towards the future.  Working with others is also highlighted and finding a balance between your own self-interests and the group's interest will be a focal point.  Ego clashes are possible with friends and within team dynamics.  Physical activity with friends is a brilliant use of this energy.  ~Action and activity with others

LIBRA:  Mars transiting your 10th house arouses your ambition to achieve.  You need an independent project that requires your individual initiative and effort as you will not be very tolerant of other people's authority.  You need and prefer to be your own boss.  Your energy can make an impression as long as you don't challenge or agitate them.  If you can remain conscious of other people's interests this can be an extremely useful time to make great progress toward the objectives you have set for yourself.  ~Staying aware of others ego energies too

SCORPIO:  As Mars transits your 9th house your creative and intellectual abilities are used to convey your view and experience to the world around you.  Teaching, writing, travel and spiritual knowledge may be used and shared to influence and make an impression on others.  Media, website development, marketing, promotions, publishing and travel will be more active and important now.  Be conscious of being overly forceful about your beliefs and ideas.  You need and desire mind expansion so look for experiences that will aid you in your growth and development.  ~The higher mind and intellectual ambition

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars transiting your 8th house signifies a transformation of some kind.  The 8th house is interested in evolution and growth often through the release of long held attachments, beliefs or values shared with another.  Be extra diligent with money as often this transit indicates an unexpected financial bill or payout.  There may be conflicts with those who share or hold sway over resources.  This is not a good time to apply for loans.  Sexual and intimate relationships can be extra gratifying now as you need an outlet for this amplified energy.  ~Death of an old order and birth of a new one

CAPRICORN:  As Mars transits through your 7th house of others this transit signifies an energetic time with those closest to you in the form of conflict, active participation or an unwillingness to accommodate others demands.  This can also be a time when you put a great deal of energy into working through and with another.  ~Using your energies efficiently by working through partnership

AQUARIUS:  Mars transiting your 6th house indicates a several week period of working hard and getting things done.  You are likely to take considerable pride on how much you can accomplish now.  This is a service oriented time but not a time for receiving accolades or acknowledgement.  You may in fact find it challenging following another's directive or orders.  The less you have to work with or for others the better.  This is also a brilliant time for health regimes and physical activity as long as you do not move in haste!  ~ Tasks and busy daily schedules

PISCES:  As Mars transits your 5th house of this is a time that you will demand to be yourself and express to others who and what you are.  You will not be inclined towards self-denial, discipline, or taking a back seat to another.  Play, sport, amusement, sex, leisure activity, children and creativity are all energized and enhanced during this transit.  ~Focusing on pleasure and appeal

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Daily Energy Forecasts

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mars transits Gemini May 11th ~ June 24th

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com

May 15th:  Mars opposition Saturn (2 degrees Gemini to Sagittarius) hard work, focus, low energy, fear based reactions, obstacles to overcome and adjustments in discussions, travel, educational activities and communications.
May 23rd:  Mars trine True Node (8 degrees Gemini to Libra) mindful actions, positive developments in understanding, discussion and negotiation within key partnerships.  Destiny, growth and future developments
May 25th:  Mars square Neptune (9 Gemini to Pisces) dissipated energy, escapism, passive aggressive behavior, denial, over indulgence in alcohol/drugs, con artists, adjustments in spiritual and moral behavior
June 5th:  Mars sextile Jupiter (17 Gemini to Leo) confidence, taking chances, acting on faith and impulse, generosity, active, competition, upbeat communications and travels
June 9th:  Mars sextile Uranus (19 Gemini to Aries) excitement, flowing freedom activities, group interactions, friendships, positive technology developments, independent and rewarding action, astrology
June 11th: Mars square Chiron (21 Gemini to Pisces) health issues, wounding actions/anger, taking steps towards healing compassion, adjustments in teaching, coaching, spiritual pursuits

ARIES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your every life as the tempo picks up.  Your energies will be high, active and ego oriented.  Be aware that your opinions may be communicated stronger than usual.  A desire to influence, sell your opinions and ideas is prominent.  You are acting on instincts but the planning and fine tuning will strengthen as Mercury turns direct mid-June.

TAURUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on what you own, your income, your material goods and your values.  Ego is closely aligned now with self-esteem which can lead to increased expenditures and the desire to consume.  Your personal resources undergo a period of reevaluation.  Opportunities to earn may come from former contacts and situations.

GEMINI:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your personal interests and asserting yourself among others.  A period of great activity as you assert from your instincts, desires and ego.  Be mindful you are coming across more strongly.  A great time for physical activities, increased energy and the confidence to tackle projects that require energy and fortitude.

CANCER:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on the past.  Please be careful as this is not always an easy transit and you may delve into recriminations and regrets regarding actions taken in the past.  A positive time for rest, review and spiritual awareness is a good use of this transit.  Not a time for strong personal stands or conflicts.  Consciously commit to a period of internal contemplation and restful rejuvenation.  You'll be much happier and healthier as you head into your birthday month.

LEO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your goals, future and personal dreams.  Allow a gestation time as Mercury retrogrades knowing that you are in a molding phase with future, technology and group developments.  Friends from your past may reappear now bringing interesting connections into your everyday.  

VIRGO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on getting ahead, competition and career drive.  Please be mindful that you are more assertive than usual (which can be very good or not so much...) and others in your work or community may not respond well.  However, this is useful time for directing your energy while understanding that the clarity of next steps, planning and negotiations that will stand the test of time comes after Mercury turns direct in mid-June.  

LIBRA:   Action, communications and thoughts are focused on publishing, marketing, travel, knowledge gathering, educational pursuits and spiritual awareness.  You need some new experiences now and are instinctively game to try different things, meet people and expand your scope.  A strong time for polishing and tweaking your creative communications, marketing plans, website design and belief system.  Not a time for new campaigns or initiatives but to build upon what is already in place - you have the energy and drive.

SCORPIO:  The sum total of all of your experiences will lead in either great or small ways to transforming the ways in which you assert yourself in your world.  Every two years a review period occurs inviting you to go within and revise the ways in which you exert your energy.  Anger can erupt in the areas of shared resources so this is not a time for conscious negotiations.  A dynamic time for sexual expression.

SAGITTARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on relationships, influencing others, activity with partners, clients and consulting with experts.  There is tension but if you are conscious of what you are doing this can be a creative time.  You are not apt to over accommodate or comprise on matters that are of importance.  The others in your world may feel demanding or unreasonable but this can heighten your ability to choose your battles wisely.

CAPRICORN:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on working hard and getting things done.  You identify strongly with your performance and services and take pride in your accomplishments.  If you don't feel adequately recognized or compensated there may be conflict with your superiors or co-workers.  A positive to begin an active health regime, indulge in activities with animals and focus on the proactive running of your daily life.

AQUARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on sporty activities, play and interactions with children.  Romantic desires may be strong now as you go directly after the object of your desire.  Physical romantic expression is amplified.  Creative projects take on a life of their own.  Conflicts with your offspring may be possible as there needs may feel demanding or willful.  A good time for doing what you want to do as you'll be lacking the necessary discipline to do things you really don't want to.

PISCES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your drive for security, comfort and shoring up your resources.  Unconscious attitudes and behavior patterns from the past can reemerge now making home life a bit disjointed or agitating.  You need as much free room to move about your home and personal life as possible.  Physical projects in the home is a very useful expression of this transit.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venus transits Cancer May 7th ~ June 5th

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com

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Venus enters Cancer on May 7th where she will transit through June 5th.  In Cancer Venus expresses affection sensitively, protectively and comfortingly.  There is a need to be nurtured, to feel a part of a family (of origin or choice) and experience the known and familiar.  Women, restaurants, food and housing are more valued during this transit.  Hug people more ~

ARIES:  Venus transits your 4th house of home, family, private life and soul suggesting a peaceful time when you "value" and enjoy the quieter aspects of living.  Relations with family, parents and those you live with feel easier, sweeter and more relaxed.  You feel good placing attention to your living situation and those you co-habit with.

TAURUS:  Venus transits your 3rd house of everyday contacts, discussions, siblings and neighborhood.  Your social life picks up as you "value" the connections you have with others.  It's easier to see and acknowledge the affection you encounter and "generate."  A sense of mental ease, peace and the desire for beautiful surroundings increase.

GEMINI: Financial opportunities may arrive over the next four weeks but you may also feel inclined to spend more on beautiful things!  This can be a favorable time for relationship negotiations, artistic work and commercial activities relating to women, housing or family needs.  A time to "value" your abilities, talents and skills.

CANCER:  A pervasive warmth floods your energy system.  A four week period commences increasing your ability to enjoy yourself and others.  Pleasure feels more important than work and this is a wonderful time for social activities, trips and vacations.  You attract positive people and situations.

LEO: You may notice an increased selflessness over the next four weeks.  You want to help others in need and are not as concerned with your own ego gratification.  Secret longings, affairs and relating may be a focus.  Issues within relationships may surface allowing you to handle them with increased grace and compromise.

VIRGO:   A beautiful four week period to enjoy the company of others as leisure pursuits and cultivating your social contacts is satisfying and of value.  Any group gathering is peppered with friendliness, support and the desire to interact harmoniously.  All of your relationships possess a friendly quality.

LIBRA:  Favorable circumstances arise in your public life, community activities, marriage and image.  People see your positive and attractive qualities.  It's easier to influence others and experience harmonious exchanges with people in power.  Artistic endeavors and public relation activities may be a focus now.

SCORPIO:  Travels of the mind and trips are of high value now.  You seek out new experiences desiring to increase your understanding of the world around you.  Conscious expanding personal growth is supported as you broaden your big picture view.  Media, travel, legal and educational activities carry value.

SAGITTARIUS:  Deepening intimacy that evokes transformation in your relationships can happen.  Financial opportunities may arrive from an outside source - partner, financial institutions, payments, commissions and taxes.  A period of positive psychological evolution.

CAPRICORN:  A very positive period commences in all of your relationships, professional consultations and client activity.  It feels easier to give and receive affection, reach positive mutually beneficial compromises and gain deeper understanding of the needs of important others.

AQUARIUS:  A positive time is happening in all matters related to your work or profession.  It's easier to enjoy good relationships with fellow c0-workers, employees and those you work for.  You may gain financial favors on the job.  Day to day schedules ease up, smooth out and flow.  Pets and healthcare are very favorable during this period.  Watch your caloric intake.

PISCES:  Fun, entertainment and having a good time is of "value" now.  Love affairs, children and ease in self-expression is strongly enhanced now.  It's an empowered time to participate in relationships without feeling you are surrendering your identity.  Artistic matters - painting, music, singing, and acting are extremely satisfying.