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Monday, May 18, 2015

Quantum Note for the week beginning Monday, May 25th ~

Merging Science w/Spirit through the template of astrology. A weekly audio MP3 planner - yours to download on your mobile and refer to in the week ahead.  

The written portion of the service for the week of Monday May 25th is the essence of dreaming.  I share two dreams from family members in the afterlife ~


FEEDBACK from a Q-Note Subscriber: "As always you divulge a plethora of information that is helpful to navigate the every day. Your delivery I find is concise and beautifully translated. In addition regarding the astrologically I am learning a lot about the nuances of the planets and how they sit in the houses! LOVE IT. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talents with the world. What a wonderful soul growth tool that I enjoy immensely!" 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Daily Energy Forecasts

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mars transits Gemini May 11th ~ June 24th

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com

May 15th:  Mars opposition Saturn (2 degrees Gemini to Sagittarius) hard work, focus, low energy, fear based reactions, obstacles to overcome and adjustments in discussions, travel, educational activities and communications.
May 23rd:  Mars trine True Node (8 degrees Gemini to Libra) mindful actions, positive developments in understanding, discussion and negotiation within key partnerships.  Destiny, growth and future developments
May 25th:  Mars square Neptune (9 Gemini to Pisces) dissipated energy, escapism, passive aggressive behavior, denial, over indulgence in alcohol/drugs, con artists, adjustments in spiritual and moral behavior
June 5th:  Mars sextile Jupiter (17 Gemini to Leo) confidence, taking chances, acting on faith and impulse, generosity, active, competition, upbeat communications and travels
June 9th:  Mars sextile Uranus (19 Gemini to Aries) excitement, flowing freedom activities, group interactions, friendships, positive technology developments, independent and rewarding action, astrology
June 11th: Mars square Chiron (21 Gemini to Pisces) health issues, wounding actions/anger, taking steps towards healing compassion, adjustments in teaching, coaching, spiritual pursuits

ARIES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your every life as the tempo picks up.  Your energies will be high, active and ego oriented.  Be aware that your opinions may be communicated stronger than usual.  A desire to influence, sell your opinions and ideas is prominent.  You are acting on instincts but the planning and fine tuning will strengthen as Mercury turns direct mid-June.

TAURUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on what you own, your income, your material goods and your values.  Ego is closely aligned now with self-esteem which can lead to increased expenditures and the desire to consume.  Your personal resources undergo a period of reevaluation.  Opportunities to earn may come from former contacts and situations.

GEMINI:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your personal interests and asserting yourself among others.  A period of great activity as you assert from your instincts, desires and ego.  Be mindful you are coming across more strongly.  A great time for physical activities, increased energy and the confidence to tackle projects that require energy and fortitude.

CANCER:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on the past.  Please be careful as this is not always an easy transit and you may delve into recriminations and regrets regarding actions taken in the past.  A positive time for rest, review and spiritual awareness is a good use of this transit.  Not a time for strong personal stands or conflicts.  Consciously commit to a period of internal contemplation and restful rejuvenation.  You'll be much happier and healthier as you head into your birthday month.

LEO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your goals, future and personal dreams.  Allow a gestation time as Mercury retrogrades knowing that you are in a molding phase with future, technology and group developments.  Friends from your past may reappear now bringing interesting connections into your everyday.  

VIRGO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on getting ahead, competition and career drive.  Please be mindful that you are more assertive than usual (which can be very good or not so much...) and others in your work or community may not respond well.  However, this is useful time for directing your energy while understanding that the clarity of next steps, planning and negotiations that will stand the test of time comes after Mercury turns direct in mid-June.  

LIBRA:   Action, communications and thoughts are focused on publishing, marketing, travel, knowledge gathering, educational pursuits and spiritual awareness.  You need some new experiences now and are instinctively game to try different things, meet people and expand your scope.  A strong time for polishing and tweaking your creative communications, marketing plans, website design and belief system.  Not a time for new campaigns or initiatives but to build upon what is already in place - you have the energy and drive.

SCORPIO:  The sum total of all of your experiences will lead in either great or small ways to transforming the ways in which you assert yourself in your world.  Every two years a review period occurs inviting you to go within and revise the ways in which you exert your energy.  Anger can erupt in the areas of shared resources so this is not a time for conscious negotiations.  A dynamic time for sexual expression.

SAGITTARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on relationships, influencing others, activity with partners, clients and consulting with experts.  There is tension but if you are conscious of what you are doing this can be a creative time.  You are not apt to over accommodate or comprise on matters that are of importance.  The others in your world may feel demanding or unreasonable but this can heighten your ability to choose your battles wisely.

CAPRICORN:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on working hard and getting things done.  You identify strongly with your performance and services and take pride in your accomplishments.  If you don't feel adequately recognized or compensated there may be conflict with your superiors or co-workers.  A positive to begin an active health regime, indulge in activities with animals and focus on the proactive running of your daily life.

AQUARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on sporty activities, play and interactions with children.  Romantic desires may be strong now as you go directly after the object of your desire.  Physical romantic expression is amplified.  Creative projects take on a life of their own.  Conflicts with your offspring may be possible as there needs may feel demanding or willful.  A good time for doing what you want to do as you'll be lacking the necessary discipline to do things you really don't want to.

PISCES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your drive for security, comfort and shoring up your resources.  Unconscious attitudes and behavior patterns from the past can reemerge now making home life a bit disjointed or agitating.  You need as much free room to move about your home and personal life as possible.  Physical projects in the home is a very useful expression of this transit.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venus transits Cancer May 7th ~ June 5th

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Venus enters Cancer on May 7th where she will transit through June 5th.  In Cancer Venus expresses affection sensitively, protectively and comfortingly.  There is a need to be nurtured, to feel a part of a family (of origin or choice) and experience the known and familiar.  Women, restaurants, food and housing are more valued during this transit.  Hug people more ~

ARIES:  Venus transits your 4th house of home, family, private life and soul suggesting a peaceful time when you "value" and enjoy the quieter aspects of living.  Relations with family, parents and those you live with feel easier, sweeter and more relaxed.  You feel good placing attention to your living situation and those you co-habit with.

TAURUS:  Venus transits your 3rd house of everyday contacts, discussions, siblings and neighborhood.  Your social life picks up as you "value" the connections you have with others.  It's easier to see and acknowledge the affection you encounter and "generate."  A sense of mental ease, peace and the desire for beautiful surroundings increase.

GEMINI: Financial opportunities may arrive over the next four weeks but you may also feel inclined to spend more on beautiful things!  This can be a favorable time for relationship negotiations, artistic work and commercial activities relating to women, housing or family needs.  A time to "value" your abilities, talents and skills.

CANCER:  A pervasive warmth floods your energy system.  A four week period commences increasing your ability to enjoy yourself and others.  Pleasure feels more important than work and this is a wonderful time for social activities, trips and vacations.  You attract positive people and situations.

LEO: You may notice an increased selflessness over the next four weeks.  You want to help others in need and are not as concerned with your own ego gratification.  Secret longings, affairs and relating may be a focus.  Issues within relationships may surface allowing you to handle them with increased grace and compromise.

VIRGO:   A beautiful four week period to enjoy the company of others as leisure pursuits and cultivating your social contacts is satisfying and of value.  Any group gathering is peppered with friendliness, support and the desire to interact harmoniously.  All of your relationships possess a friendly quality.

LIBRA:  Favorable circumstances arise in your public life, community activities, marriage and image.  People see your positive and attractive qualities.  It's easier to influence others and experience harmonious exchanges with people in power.  Artistic endeavors and public relation activities may be a focus now.

SCORPIO:  Travels of the mind and trips are of high value now.  You seek out new experiences desiring to increase your understanding of the world around you.  Conscious expanding personal growth is supported as you broaden your big picture view.  Media, travel, legal and educational activities carry value.

SAGITTARIUS:  Deepening intimacy that evokes transformation in your relationships can happen.  Financial opportunities may arrive from an outside source - partner, financial institutions, payments, commissions and taxes.  A period of positive psychological evolution.

CAPRICORN:  A very positive period commences in all of your relationships, professional consultations and client activity.  It feels easier to give and receive affection, reach positive mutually beneficial compromises and gain deeper understanding of the needs of important others.

AQUARIUS:  A positive time is happening in all matters related to your work or profession.  It's easier to enjoy good relationships with fellow c0-workers, employees and those you work for.  You may gain financial favors on the job.  Day to day schedules ease up, smooth out and flow.  Pets and healthcare are very favorable during this period.  Watch your caloric intake.

PISCES:  Fun, entertainment and having a good time is of "value" now.  Love affairs, children and ease in self-expression is strongly enhanced now.  It's an empowered time to participate in relationships without feeling you are surrendering your identity.  Artistic matters - painting, music, singing, and acting are extremely satisfying.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mercury's long trek through Gemini April 30th - July 8th

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com
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Mercury enters Gemini on April 30th.  
Enters Retrograde Shadow (starts slowing) on May 4th at 4 degrees Gemini.  
Turns Retrograde at 13 degrees Gemini on May 18th - June 11th
Turns Direct on June 11th at 4 degrees Gemini
Clears Retrograde Shadow on June 27th (passes 13 degree Gemini)

In it's home sign Gemini, Mercury seeks stimulation, intellectual challenge, pranks, and variety.  At the deeper levels this process can speak to the concept of duality.  Where do you think one way and act in another?  Do you apply the knowledge you carry? Does life happen to you or are you conscious of how thought manifests your reality?

Mercury squares Neptune 3 times (9 degrees Gemini to Pisces) during it's retrograde suggesting a dissolving effect (confusion - thinking you have the facts/data/assumptions correct when they are yet to be fully formed) on your opinions, plans, and perception of children, siblings and friendships.  

Dates to be extra mindful of decisions/discussions are May 9th, May 29th and June 23rd while simultaneously understanding that something is in the forming/molding/gestation stage as Mercury is also positively contacting the North Node in Libra (the inner relationship/integrating your duality of thinking one thing and doing another in relationships).  The future is taking shape but patience is a virtue...

The number 4 is also prominent in this retrograde process (shadow begins at 4 degrees Gemini and the actual retrograde at 13 degrees (1+3=4).  Four energy is about practicality, organization, building resources and seeking knowledge. You are gaining expertise in the areas mentioned below.  Pay attention to your process and anticipate solid perspectives and plans to emerge by the end of June.

ARIES: Mercury's energy is intensified in it's own 3rd house as you have more discussions and conversations with others.  Meeting new people, traveling more frequently and contact with relatives and neighbors amplifies.  Yet, a re-patterning is taking place naturally persuading you to ponder your beliefs.  Reviewing educational and writing projects is natural for you now.  A sibling or sibling "like" relationship floats back into your world - there is important information for you.

TAURUS:  Your attention turns to whatever you value in life be it material, spiritual or intellectual.  A redefinition is underway repatterning your mind in these very areas.  A review of your inherent worth, money making ability, talents and material ownership is in a period of revision.  What you integrate and learn during this time will upgrade your outlook and earning potential.  Meanwhile, be very slow to commit your resources until the end of June.

GEMINI:  Your very manner of personal expression is undergoing a renovation and repatterning.  Your ability to examine yourself with greater objectivity and detachment is of immense value.  Be the watcher of your reactions, responses and thoughts.  A weeding out and upgrade is underway and what you learn about yourself will be of immense value into the future.  Table the need for important discussions, contracts and life decisions if possible.  You are in a gathering mode that will stand you in good stead at the end of June.

CANCER:  As your mind turns inward and embarks upon a journey of the past you are getting in touch with the more hidden sides of your personality, unconscious drives and habitual fears.  Consider this a clearing out period as you are unconsciously undergoing a period of renovation that will lead to deepening renewal and self understanding.  This may also portend a time of increased insights into your spirituality, divinity, intuition and higher truths.  Savor this passage.  Ask yourself what you want to create and manifest?

LEO:  Examining your ideals to find out how well they have served you is under review.  You need and will have more exchanges with friends and other groups you are associated with.  Talking over your problems with friends will be helpful now.  You are in a process of repatterning your goals, desires and tribal connections.  Lost connections often reappear to help you learn more about yourself and your social relationships.  Reviewing your future.

VIRGO:  You are undergoing a period of time when thinking about your life direction and outer world expressions (work, community, public) will be of immense value when Mercury and your gathering process collates and integrates towards the end of June.  Wisely, you are holding off talking (when possible) with superiors, bosses or employer about your work, advancement and plans while you gain a deeper sense of direction.  Your wisdom in knowing that any discussions/plans implemented during the retrograde will shift and morph yet again when Mercury turns direct.

LIBRA: A strong time for any kind of study, knowledge acquisition and education is commencing.  You may be reviewing your belief systems and assessing how cohesive and applicable they are in living out your life.  This is not an opportune time for launching a new website or media campaign but is a powerful time for revising and tweaking the content and details.  Travel may be in the frame now and is most probably to places and people you know and are familiar with.  Legal activity may slow now too fusing you with the knowledge that forward movement will once again commence into July.

SCORPIO:  Shared resources, loans, real-estate, and investments are undergoing a period of review.  Insurance or tax payments that have been on hold may now come in during the retrograde.  Alternatively, this is not a proprietress time for initiating new savings or resource allocation plans.  At the deeper levels a powerful time for personal transformation in your thinking, psychology and spiritual understanding is undergoing a renovation.  You need some private intellectual down time in order to re-sculpt your inner mental habits, fears and outworn beliefs.  A stronger mental orientation emerges into July.

SAGITTARIUS:  The desire to reach agreements, glean understanding and discuss any difficulties that may come up in your important key partnerships is a focus during the Mercury retrograde.  A process of gaining clarity and understanding with the others in your world is under review.  Wisely you hold off on assumptions as you connect to the "patience is wisdom" principle in your communications.  Clients, experts and people from your past may reappear enhancing the internal process of building self-mastery in your relating skills.  That which feels tabled or on hold is in the process of manifestation and will reemerge more clearly into July.

CAPRICORN:  For you especially please work with the "time conservative" principle.  Being time conservative means that you build an extra 1/3 of "time" into what is usually a rout and routine task.  A molding process is underway in your everyday life connected with work, health regimes, health prognosis, pet care and being acknowledged in your work.  Please know that less is more - this is not the time for new office equipment, software programs and appliances.  Revisiting those habits and systems already in place in the spirit of refining and ergonomics is nicely supported.  Life returns to more normalcy and intelligent insights into July.  You will also gain a deeper understanding of the value of your services - professional and/or domestic.

AQUARIUS: Who are you?  What brings you pleasure?  Do you feel safe enough to truly and authentically express yourself?  These are the areas of focus now as is making time for play, your children and the younger generation.  Much is to be gained through experimenting with your inner communication urges and allowing them to rise into the light of outward expression.  You are entering a time of reflection and review regarding your creativity, romantic relationships and for some, children development.  More confidence and self-love is the urging of the Mercury Retrograde.  Please heed it's call.

PISCES:  This is a natural time of intellectual withdrawal to reflect, think and examine your personal life.  Your inner most thoughts are under a period of review as your mind is pulled to the past.  Trust that these areas are seeking some sort of resolution and understanding - you become more aware that unresolved pieces from your past are surfacing now to be integrated and acknowledged ultimately strengthening your life, soul growth and personal security.  Allow yourself a "personal pass" on decision making with family or domicile knowing that clarity and congruency grows as you enter July.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Moon in Aries ~ April 18th Video

Photo by Judy Anderson

New Moon in Aries, April 18th
exact at 2:57 p.m. EDT
trines Galactic Center @ 27 degrees Sagittarius
Mercury conjuncts Eros @ 6 degrees Taurus

~Divine Inspiration, honoring personal truth, 
instinct and intuitive urges.  
~Ideas merge with passion spurring on the grounding and "making it happen" energy.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Chiron ~ Spiritual Awakening and Natal Horoscope Placement

Chiron in the birthchart shows a wound, a sensitivity and a vulnerability that is often no one's fault.

Chiron in transit indicates a potential time for illumination, awakening and spiritual development.

Chiron's transit of Pisces lasts until April 2018.  In Pisces we find music, artistry, meditation and creative visualization as effective healing modalities.

Find Your Chiron Placement 
Abbreviation Key:

AR = Aries
TA = Taurus
GE = Gemini
CN = Cancer
LE = Leo
VI = Virgo
LI = Libra
SC = Scorpio
SA = Sagittarius
CA = Capricorn
AQ = Aquarius
PI = Pisces


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mercury transits Taurus

photo by www.scottmichaelanna.com

The energy representing how you think and communicate, Mercury,  joins Mars in Taurus on April 14th where he will transit before his long transit of Gemini beginning  April 30th.  Mercury brings conscious awareness and potential discussion to the Mars energy of desire, assertiveness and personal will.

The 21st and 22nd are strong days for Mercury when he first trines Pluto signaling a few days of concentration, financial flow, effective planning, and powerful discussion.  On the 22nd he conjuncts Mars in Taurus (16 degrees) supercharging your mental prowess, pragmatic reasoning, communications and travel.  Your words can come across more strongly than you intend on the 22nd.  Others will be expressing themselves more intensely as well - be aware if you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Mercury in Taurus communicates carefully, making sure of each word before saying it.  There is a slowing of your perceptions as your mind retains, steadies and consolidates ideas, this is a down to earth approach to planning and practicality.  Spontaneity is tempered with your desire for a more deliberate understanding.

ARIES your mind is centered on your values - material, intellectual or spiritual.  You will think about and plan more than usual now.  Negotiations can be a focus concerning property or money.  Your more concerned with business and commercial affairs - shopping and business activity increases.  Transactions and planning will be more important and as a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want. ~Valuable communications

TAURUS it's a good time for expressing your point of view to people.  You are able to put more of yourself into what you say and your more authentic as a result.  Your mind will be more active and you can accomplish a great deal over the next two weeks.  You may have a strong urge to get out and travel around your town and community.  This can also be a strong period for profitable and interesting negotiations or contractual discussions. ~Clarity of mind

GEMINI is more inclined to keep your opinions to yourself even when you "should" speak up.  You are also more in touch with the hidden aspects of yourself and others as you tune into the subtler aspects of life.  You may feel like withdrawing to think, study, daydream or meditate.  This transit can encourage a period of research or planning done in private. ~Contemplative time

CANCER influences you to think about your goals and personal happiness.  Are your goals really or own or have they been influenced by friends and other people?  You will have more verbal and intellectual exchanges with friends and groups you belong to.  It's a nice time for socializing and discussions.  Thinking about your future is not uncommon and is useful to examine you desires.  ~Increased social discourse

LEO your professional life is on your mind over the next two weeks to include community involvement and any public activity you partake in. Communications in your outer life may assume greater importance than usual as can paper work, following procedures or travel.  Advertising and contract negotiations should work out favorably.  ~Public communications

VIRGO it's a good time for study, education and intellectual eagerness.  Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy, publishing, education or higher knowledge will grab your attention.  A trip may be in the cards and if so should be interesting, active and different than the norm.  ~Elevated insights

LIBRA a time of inward reflection and reflecting upon your psychology and getting in touch with your more hidden thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  Exchanges can have a profound effect upon you causing you to make changes in your ways of thinking.  Finances, property and resources held jointly with another are a focus.  ~Transformational dialogue

SCORPIO clarifying and explaining issues with important others may be a focus.  You need other people's input regarding your plans and views and this can be an effective time for clearing up any misunderstandings within key partnerships.  You seek intellectual stimulation and conversations.  Contract negotiations and client activity may increase.  ~Receiving input

SAGITTARIUS you are more attentive to detail and using the best techniques available as you plan carefully and work out active steps in advance.  Your planning has a great sense of purpose.  Doing your job and being effective in your daily schedule is a priority.  Mercury can also increase nervousness or anxious - be aware of perfectionism tendencies.  Hygiene and health is a focus.  ~ Devil's in the details

CAPRICORN using your mind for amusement and self expression bring pleasure.  Prank playing and personal amusement is amplified.  Enlarging your mind through playing, games, with children and in creative expression is enjoyable and effective.  Mental leisure is important - doing, saying and expressing because it feels good without the need for purpose or productivity.  ~ Intellectual gymnastics

AQUARIUS it's a time of intellectual withdrawal to reflect and think about all of the activity and ideas you've encountered recently.  A time to examine your personal an domestic life and to make plans whether they are meeting your needs.  Increased communications with parents and siblings is probable.  ~ Personal pondering

PISCES you will have many discussions, contact and conversations with others.  Meeting new people, increased travel, and more exposure to relatives and neighbors are highlighted.  It's a good time for all intellectual activities, commerce, writing and communication.  Stay flexible and open to people's point of view as there may be useful insights to integrate.  ~Connected and on the move