Thursday, March 26, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, March 27th & 28th

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Friday, March 27th:  The Moon continues her transit through emotional Cancer making a pleasant and friendly sextile to Venus mid afternoon.  Your habits, relationships, home and friendships feel natural and smooth.  Towards the evening hours from 9 - Midnight EDT the Moon first opposes Pluto and then squares Uranus.  Tension surrounding security, finances and career can surface and as the Moon connects with Uranus blending home, individuality and the desire for community with freedom can feel tense and strained.  

Overindulgence is a strong potential as Venus moves into square with Jupiter (12 degrees Taurus to Leo).  Impulsive purchases may signal a need to comfort self if your emotions are inharmonious.  Grand gestures in love and with money is prossible if you are feeling emotionally dissatisfied.  On the other hand, this may be a lovely time to indulge yourself, laze about, rest and enjoy a slothful period of non-activity! Discernment with your heart and pocketbook can save you later regrets.

On SATURDAY Vesta, the asteroid of security, devotion and sacred sexuality enters Pisces (transits through June 7th) deepening the desire for ritual in your spiritual, creative and artistic connections.  Commitments must now embrace the spiritual and familiar.  The Moon continues through Cancer and goes VOID at 10:00 p.m. for the remainder of the evening. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, March 25th & 26th

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Understanding what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you

Wednesday, March 25th:  A functional, practical, balanced and productive energy commences as the Sun makes a stable trine to Saturn (4 degrees Aries to Sagittarius).  Realism is valued as you can easily see what needs to be done and then going about the business of doing it.  It's a positive day to ground your inspirations into feasible and workable steps, procedures, actions, planning and commitment.  With this comes a peacefulness of spirit as Pholus conjuncts the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) - clear insight coupled with personal truth.  No one knows you better than you.  Trust yourself, your inner voice and vibrational urges.  The power of perception is strong today. Set up daily rituals that support your purpose.  The Moon continues her transit of Gemini.

On THURSDAY the Moon in communicative Gemini goes VOID at 8:36 a.m. EDT until 3:46 p.m. EDT when she moves into home sign Cancer.  An energetic time for finishing tasks, inquiries, and communications started with a minimum of interruptions.  The Cancer transit commences a 48 hour  period when you feel secure nurturing and being nurtured, in familiar surroundings, interacting with family and honoring your feelings.  Additionally, intuitive and psychic awareness intensifies as the North Node opposes Psyche (10 degrees Libra to Aries).  Insights into self-defeating behavior may surface as you then redirect your energy into more balanced and harmonious directions.  Attachments and longings of the past can be acknowledged as you shift your outlook based on your growing wisdom and perception.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 23rd & 24th

Photo by Scott Anna ~
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Monday, March 23rd:  The Moon continues her transit through Taurus where inner contentment comes through waiting, stillness and relating to the world of nature and goes VOID at 10:25 a.m. EDT for the remainder of the day.  Finishing tasks started while enjoying a quieter day of external activity is supported.  The Mercury Pluto sextile is still in effect (exact yesterday from 15 degrees Pisces to Capricorn) encouraging an ongoing stability and effectiveness in your communications, actions, plans and creative endeavors. The desire to understand psychological truths and look below the surface is strengthened and grounded in perseverance and reliability.

On TUESDAY the Moon enters quick, perceptive, curious and changeable Gemini at 9:23 a.m. EDT amplifying a time of mental stimulation, the need to verbalize and seek out information.  Romance and creativity is expanded as Venus sextiles Neptune (8 degrees Taurus to Pisces). Imagination and sensitivity to beauty, emotions and magic intensifies as your vibrational connections increase and magnify.  Healing, wisdom and spirituality is accessed consciously through the mind as Mercury conjuncts Chiron (18 degrees Pisces) reinforcing your benevolence, mentoring, healing and teaching abilities.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, March 20 & 21st - Spring Equinox / Solar Eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipses ~ photo courtesy of NASA
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Friday, March 20th:  The Super (due to it's proximity to earth) NEW Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces occurs at 5:37 a.m. EDT and carries a fresh strong energy for energetic dynamics that involve creativity, spirituality, medicine, healing, artistic expression, compassion, volunteerism, sharing your talents with the world, prayer, meditation, and all the contemplative practices.  The lunation carries the message of "NOW."  Parlay your instincts and intuitions into action as the Sun makes his annual ingress into Aries less than 13 hours later.  The Eclipse reaches out to Saturn in a stabilizing fashion (a trine) suggesting sustainability and practicality while also sextiling the mothering and healing energy of Ceres (25 degrees Capricorn).  Ground your passions (bring them into form) while offering your energy up to the world in a nurturing supportive manner. 

The state of our world oceans may be a focus into the months ahead, employing more natural remedies into health and healing, environmental activism and art education.  The Moon heads into Aries less than an hour later at 6:28 a.m. and the Sun follows suit at 6:46 p.m. EDT.  A potent time to act upon your instincts, intuitive impressions and creative impulses as the message is "do it now."  No more bandying about, hemming, hawing and procrastinating.  

Happy Spring Equinox ~ The Sun in Aries is a radiant, forceful and confident vitality.  Over the next four weeks you will feel more self-asserting, direct and competitive.  Be aware of your fellow souls as a too-forceful expression can antagonize others.  Yet, the "healthy" assertion of individuality is necessary for full self-expression.

On SATURDAY Eros, the asteroid representing physical love, touch, affection moves into contact with the Uranus Pluto square energy.  Sudden attractions, erotic feelings, thoughts, dreams and initiatives are engaged as Uranus conjunct Eros (15 degrees Aries) and squares Pluto.  If you are seeking an awakened, moderate and thoughtful physical experience with another this may not be the energy to meet your needs.  Be aware of obsessive thoughts/actions (bordering on controlling) if in or seeking partnership.  

Yet, this can also provide further energetic push to help you get clear on your passions - work, sport, business...whatever, and help you push past the fear in order to act upon them.  This can also be passion for your individual right to be!   The Moon in Aries is stretched as she conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto in the early morning hours Eastern Time. Emotional buttons can be pushed - mindfulness in the early a.m. EDT will serve you well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, March 18th &19th

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Wednesday, March 18th:  You wake up to Piscean energy as the Moon slips into the sign of fluidity, creativity and sacrifice.  Mercury is also engaging as he makes his annual conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (8 degrees Pisces) at 4:49 a.m. EDT.  A very positive day for artistic endeavors, meditation, connecting with higher states of consciousness and compassion.  Save the big decisions and negotiations for another day as it will be very easy to misinterpret communications.  Jupiter moves into trine with the God of Passion Eros (13 degrees Leo to Aries) offering stability in your creative, playful, individualistic, entrepreneurial, travel and educational situations.  Passion for knowledge, growth, expansion and opportunity is a palpable desire.  Erotic passion is expansive and supported. In the evening hours your emotions, instincts and security needs connect with the Mercury Neptune energy morphing from daydreams and lethargy to communications and creativity.

On THURSDAY the asteroid of wisdom, intelligence, healing  and effort, Pallas, conjuncts the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) honing further your intuitive edge, mental ability and applying intellect to soul urges and higher purpose.  An ability to apply effort and arrange your reality and world in such a manner that feeds a deep seated desire. Incorporating into a larger view of one's life and meaning.  A sensitive and soulful few days as we head into the Solar Eclipse in Pisces tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 16th & 17th

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Monday, March 16th:  A potent week for change and fresh beginnings is underway as the final Uranus Pluto square engages (exact today at 15 degrees Aries to Capricorn).  This configuration began in 2012 (June) and is culminating this month.  The question?  Where do you need to create personal change in your life?  Change is often uncomfortable - especially the kind that forces you to make course corrections and embark upon another personal chapter.  But, inherent in chaos and discomfort is incredible opportunity.  Discomfort is often the catalyst used to take a chance and to reach out for new methods and approaches.  Once decisions are made you then move into the skill building phase (now into 2016) to support your next chapter. 

The Moon moves into Aquarius (Uranus territory) in the early morning connecting emotions with the future, the detached, the innovative, the group, the friends, the technology and the emancipatory.  Fear, limitations, hard work, focus and perseverance is in evidence today as Mercury squares a now retrograde Saturn (4 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Easy does it with any limiting beliefs, traffic issues, communication glitches and family/career discussions.  

On TUESDAY the energy of what you value, personal esteem, finance, and relating shifts out of assertive Aries and enters grounding and sensually oriented Taurus, where Venus will transit through April 11th.  In Taurus, affection is expressed physically, warmly, steadily and possessively.  Material comfort, the five senses and contact with nature is especially soothing. 

The energy is also building to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on Friday in Pisces.  Instinctual adjustments, awareness and soul urgings press for adjustment as the Sun in Pisces (amplifying change) squares the Milky Way's Galactic Center (from 27 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius). 

A powerful week to operate as a gentle change agent on behalf of self and others.  The Sun will move into Uranus territory on Friday when he makes his annual ingress into Aries further powering your conscious awareness in connection to personal change, assertion and inspired action.

The Moon in Aquarius goes VOID at 2:19 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the day supporting your emotional space and the Saint Patricks Day festivities. ~

Thursday, March 12, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, March 13th & 14th

Photo by Cheryl Merz ~

Friday, March 13th:  The Moon continues her transit through Sagittarius broadening your vision while seeking the big picture.  An opportunity to see through subterfuge and to define your needs and desires in relationships and finances occurs as Mercury conjuncts Nessus (1 degree Pisces).  This energy supports healthy communications and finding mental balance in your thinking and planning.  The Moon makes a pleasant and social trine to Venus at 7:12 p.m. EDT before going VOID the remainder of the evening.  Relax and enjoy ~

On SATURDAY the energy ruling structure, your reality, ambition, commitment and focus turns retrograde, Saturn at 4 degrees Sagittarius.  Through June 14th you will review, integrate and build upon your writing, publishing, educational, travel, foreign connections and promotional plans.  Since December developments, growth, limitations and learning curves have unfolded.  Now, you have the opportunity to integrate more deeply, privately and personally the soul lessons and evolutionary growth.

Another level of awareness related to balance and fairness in love, childrens affairs, creativity and heart's desires commences as Juno moves direct at 3 degrees Leo where she will transit through July 1st.  Your development in these areas is tied to philosophy, education, higher consciousness, and soul development as Juno trines Saturn for the remainder of the month - a productive time for negotiations and agreements in personal and professional partnerships.  If you've been feeling that things have been off kilter in the house that Leo occupies Juno will help bring balance and when Jupiter turns direct next month harmony will prevail.

The Moon enters Saturn's sign, Capricorn at 2:41 a.m. EDT further enhancing stability, structure, career and personal commitments. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday ~

Photo by Linda Karin Hicks ~

Wednesday, March 11th:  Fast developments, departures and breakthroughs are part of the landscape today as Mars conjuncts Uranus around Noon EDT.  This is the last time the planet of will, desire, anger and ambition will be intertwined in this potent energy configuration.  You're learning to handle yourself, recognize the theme and act upon your higher principles and as Mars moves into his square with Pluto at 6:36 p.m. EDT the last big push for release, change and personal transformation is underway.  

This is especially potent for those with planets and angles at the 12 to 18 degree mark of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Handling your past fears, limitations, hierarchy controls, and compulsions are ripe for shifts, movement, and for some.....external conflict.  This is not a day to put yourself in any kind of dangerous situation or environment.  The Moon in Scorpio goes VOID for 4 hours at 3:47 p.m. until 7:31 p.m. EDT when she then shifts into big picture Sagittarius.

On THURSDAY just prior to midnight Mercury exits detached, technologically minded, humanitarian and futuristic Aquarius (where he has been transiting since January 4th) and enters the fluid waters of Pisces.  Your communications are more sensitive, poetic, evasive and imaginative.  Compassion (not concepts) is the energy behind perceptions and intelligence.  In Pisces communication is perceived on more than one level through the psyche and spirit.  Discrimination can be clouded by confusion, daydreaming, and self-deception.  Music and artistry will be enhanced through March 30th. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 9th & 10th

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Monday, March 9th:  We head into a dynamic week that carries much potential for breakthroughs and courage while taking chances.  Yet, replete within this inherent week of opportunity and advancement may be push back, power struggles and increased manipulation.  When living an energetically aware and responsible life your power can be measured both by believing and acting upon your potential, while responding in a grounded and measured manner to any challenges that arise.  The Moon in Scorpio speaks to the transformation process at the beginning of the week as you head into the final Uranus Pluto square formation (exact on the 16th).

On TUESDAY the energy of personal will and desire, Mars, aligns with the energy of personal growth, optimism, and increase, Jupiter.   Positive developments can occur in publishing, entrepreneurial advancement, teaching, travel, legalities, children affairs, love and romance.  The Moon in Scorpio moves into square with Jupiter during the Noon hour EDT pushing for adjustment between your emotional resources and your confidence - too much?  too little?  The Moon then sextiles Pluto at 3 p.m. supporting self empowerment, finances, and life direction, and completes the day with a trine to the wise and spiritual Chiron at 7:30 p.m. EDT.  The Mars Uranus conjunction and Mars Pluto square is in effect as we head into a dramatic time for change, release, battles and powerful personal developments (exact tomorrow).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, March 6th & 7th

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Friday, March 6th:  The Moon in Virgo is VOID until 7:53 p.m. EST when she then ingresses Libra.  A useful day for tasks, chores, playing catchup and rest.  When the Moon is VOID she is not making connections to the large stars.  Hence, an emotional passivity or apathy is present.  Most will assert they make logical analytical choices.  In truth your decisions are based on emotions and instincts, then the mind goes about rationalizing the emotional/instinctual decision.  

When the Moon is VOID you are more inclined to handle what is already on your plate and to revisit items, chores, and tasks that were previously set aside as you are not feeling the impetus or drive to initiate new projects and decision making.  Enjoy the emotional "space of time."  The Moon then enters Libra at 7:53 p.m. and your attention shifts from useful work to harmonious relating and social activity.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Libra is energized, irritated and/or motivated by her opposition to assertive Mars (exact at 8:43 p.m.).  An energy seeking fusion, compassion and wisdom is felt today and tomorrow as the Sun conjuncts Chiron (17 degrees Pisces).  Often Chiron is a catalyst in the healing process, teaching, taking classes and energy work.

Something may irritate a wound and sensitivity today but that vulnerability can be a precursor to an increase in your awareness and ability to connect with benevolence and tenderness.  Consideration, grace, and humanity. ~

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, March 4th & 5th ~ Full Moon

Photo from David Lynch's documentary "School of Thought"

Wednesday, March 4th:  Magnetic attraction is supercharged as the energy ruling gravity, Venus, is empowering you to connect with more abundance (love, money, personal value, relationships) and expand your sense of possibility both mentally and emotionally.  The detachment that accompanies this energy is helpful as you see where you have settled or gone along to get along.  Releasing and shifting from fear based beliefs is a necessary part of this process.  Breakthroughs and exciting opportunities are available, if YOU are available for them.  (Venus conjunct Uranus 14 degrees Aries trine Jupiter in Leo/square Pluto in Capricorn).

The Moon is now transiting humble, service oriented Virgo.  Enhanced energy openings arrive through May as the asteroid Psyche opens more portals for awakened personal action and intuitive fortitude (Psyche in Aries through May 8th).  Awareness of your desire nature and ego structure is also heightened making you aware of the areas of personal integration between your separate individuality and desire for partnership (Mars opposition North Node 10 degrees Aries to Libra).

On THURSDAY the Full Moon occurs at 1:07 p.m. EST at 14 degrees Virgo.  A powerful manifesting time with an eye towards merging the form with the essence.  Inspiration needs to be coupled with application and the desire to be of service on this planet while taking practical steps to achieve your vision.  Health, animals, work, co-workers, voluntary sacrifice, meditation, rest and your schedule reach some level of culmination, chapter end and illumination.  Personal power is highlighted.  The areas of focus today will grow, deepen and expand into August and September.  Pay attention to what comes up for you as the seeds of future growth appear.  

The miscommunication, technology glitches, and travel issues should be dissipating as Mercury is now free of his retrograde shadow (17 Aquarius).  Any fears you've carried about lost opportunities recede as you come to understand they've simply been built on firmer ground. The Moon goes VOID (externals quiet down) at 1:07 p.m. EST for the remainder of the day and ALL DAY on Friday until the Moon enters harmony seeking Libra just before 8 p.m.  Get important decisions and agreements completed in the morning.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 2nd & 3rd ~

Photo by Mark Harvey ~

Monday, March 2nd:  The Moon in creative, expressive Leo makes a number of harmonious connections through the day enhancing your emotional well-being and security.  In the morning hours with a trine to Saturn and Mars (stability, right use of will), a sextile to the North Node (emotional growth through self-expression and partnerships) and then trines to Venus and Uranus (relating and freedom) and finishing with a conjunction to Jupiter just before Midnight EST (confidence, faith and intuitive knowledge).

On TUESDAY an extremely positive energy aligns with the Jupiter Uranus trine (14 Leo to Aries) supporting your growth, educational, travel, foreign connections, optimism with innovation, friendship, group activity, technology, excitement, breakthroughs and flow.  Making change feels easy and expansive now as you are in harmony with your personal needs and your group activity.  Technology and publishing breakthroughs can be extremely satisfying and surprising opening up opportunities to educate, advance, expand and inform through exciting and innovative opportunities. The Moon in Leo goes VOID early 3:48 a.m. EST ALL DAY until Wednesday morning when she enters Virgo at just before 7 a.m. EST. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, February 27th & 28th

Scott Anna ~

Friday, February 27th:  The God of Love and Passion exits the watery and sublime spiritually driven Pisces and enters action oriented and direct Aries where Eros will transit until mid-April.  A potent energy is occurring in the sign of initiation and assertion.  Mars, Venus and Eros are all transiting in the sign of Aries strengthening your inspiration and bravery.  Expect your courage in matters of the heart, finance, and entrepreneurship to rise up ten fold. You are ready for action now, as are others.

The Moon enters her home sign Cancer at 7:50 a.m. EST after a LONG Moon Void period (all day Thursday).  Now your habits, home, Mom, family and food are important for your comfort and emotional nurturing.  

On SATURDAY the Moon in Cancer goes VOID just before 1 p.m. EST for the remainder of the day highlighting deep thoughts, feelings and emotionalism as she squares Pluto at Void.  On SUNDAY uplifting energies align to expand your mind, willingness to take risks and communications.  Opportunities may arrive in the form of travel, writing, speaking, foreign connections, technology, friendships, children and communications as Mercury opposes Jupiter and sextiles Uranus (14 Aquarius to Leo to Aries).  

Growth is found in the areas of finance and relationships as Venus opposes the North Node (10 degrees Aries to Libra).  Destiny and attraction are dancing together in an awakened and growth oriented manner. Understanding between your need to be a separate healthy individual while also participating in relationship is illuminated in a positive manner.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, February 25th & 26th

Photo by Scott Anna

Wednesday, February 25th:  Where value was found yesterday today your initiative and will are engaged as Mars takes his turn trining Saturn (4 degrees Aries to Sagittarius).  Grounded aspirations, concerted effort and focus feel easy to come by today.  Your ego desires are supported as you do not over nor under estimate your ability.  The Sun is making his annual conjunction to Neptune (7 degrees Pisces) blurring the boundaries between self and others.  An intuitive time for connecting with the feelings and emotions of others.  Allow for inspiration and creativity to flow into your awareness knowing that is where the magic and inspiration lies as you open to your higher consciousness.  

Creativity, sensitivity, compassion and artistry is the language of the heart.  All of your faculties are engaged as your mind connects with it's eternal truth of evolution and the importance of balance and harmony while engaging with your collective groups and friends as Mercury makes it's final series (last of 3) of trines to the North Node (10 degrees Aquarius to Libra).  Things are brewing as your mind continues a level of awareness and growth that will manifest into March.  The Moon continues her transit through detached and intellectual Gemini increasing your curiosity and desire to learn.

On THURSDAY the Moon in Gemini goes VOID at 3:44 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day.  We are in the optimum cycle of process and internalization (VOID Moons) this week suggesting how important this passage is.  The theme of the day is integrating and adjusting to increased compassion, healing, teaching and support as the Moon makes her final aspect to growth driven Chiron at 6:34 a.m. EST.

MARCH 2015 Videoscopes

Sunday, February 22, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, February 23rd & 24th

Photo by Linda Karin Hicks

Monday, February 23rd:  There are some limitations to overcome as the Sun squares Saturn (4 Pisces to Sagittarius).  As you face your fears, obstacles and hesitancy, solutions begin to form as you adjust your focus and working style.  Responsibilities may feel heavy or overly obligatory on the work or family front.  The Moon transits practical, value driven, and methodical Taurus helping you to stick with the challenges.  Be mindful of energy levels and your health.  The Moon goes VOID just before 10 p.m. EST and will remain in VOID ALL DAY tomorrow.

On TUESDAY you have the time and space to work through any issues or fear that arose yesterday.  Support is available through action, focus and connecting with initiative as Venus makes a supportive trine to Saturn (4 Aries to Sagittarius).  Realistic inspiration is your forte as your self-esteem and trust levels combine with thoughtful action and commitment.  Relations with authority, parents, children, and partners are mutually beneficial as Venus trines the asteroid of fairness and balance, Juno (4 Aries to Leo).  The Moon moves out of VOID status and enters curious and intelligent Gemini just before midnight EST. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, February 20th & 21st

Photo by Scott Anna

Friday, February 20th:  Your values, desires and relating has been under the Piscean energy of idealization, soul union, creativity and passivity as Venus has transited Pisces.  Today at 3:06 p.m EST she joins the male assertive energy of Mars and enters Aries where she will transit until March 17.  A fresh start is indicated in your relating, desires, proactiveness and competitive spirit as Venus is much more assertive and direct in her partnering style and value system.  Forthrightness, winning, action and initiative is valued and expressed over the next few weeks.  

An illuminating dynamic between give and take, fairness, personal creative expression vs. the group harmony is highlighted as Mercury opposes the Goddess of Marriage and Equality, Juno (4 degrees Aquarius to Leo).  Wallflowers beware as anything that has felt passive aggressive will be called out today in the spirit of fairness.

The Moon is VOID in Pisces (no strong external directives) until 6:14 p.m. EST when she will enter the Arian Ring of personal relating at 6:14 p.m. EST. 

On SATURDAY the Moon in self-initiating Aries creates excitement and surprise as she conjuncts Uranus at 5 p.m., and then heralds transformation and intensity as she squares Pluto at 6 p.m. EST.  The evening comes into balance and goodwill towards 7:30 p.m. as a supportive and generous trine to Jupiter highlights the evening.

You will be feeling the assertive energy of Venus conjunct Mars (exact on Sunday at 1 degree Aries) ushering in a new or "renewed" level to your desires, ambitions, financial and romantic prowess.  Passivity is a thing of the past over the next several weeks.  Fresh starts in relating, dating, romance and financial endeavors may commence into the week ahead.  

What was illuminated on Friday regarding imbalances in relating and situations now finds ground and balance as Saturn trines Juno (4 degrees Sagittarius to Leo) connecting heart energy with higher consciousness, desire with mental balance, and inspiration with committed passion.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, February 18th & 19th ~ New Moon

Milky Way ~ Photo by Scott Anna

Wednesday, February 18th:  From thought to feeling, detachment to emotion, as the New Moon commences at 6:48 p.m. EST at 29 degrees Aquarius.   At this last degree in Aquarius there is a feeling of push and consolidation regarding your future, humanity and tribal needs (friendships).  This lunation also carries the energy of "seeing through" shadow, abusive emotional history (victim or perpetrator) and wrong use of human energy as the Sun and Moon conjunct Nessus moments after the New Moon as the Sun makes his annual ingress into Pisces.  

Your values, relating dynamics and self worth are engaged as Venus squares your energetic home, the Galatic Center (27 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius) pushing for adjustment and a deeper understanding of your divine value on this planet.  Commitment to your path in love and honor regardless of past history or injuries sustained as you understand the contrast between light and dark, conflict vs. peace and the releasing of all that does not nourish and sustain.

On THURSDAY Mars enters Aries where he will transit through March 31st.  Your feelings have been engaged, softened and made vulnerable while Mars transited Pisces.  Now, your emotions and needs are spurred into action as you enter an initiating phase that seeks immediate contact and interaction.   Mercury's slow revival is connecting with committed and practical Saturn (3 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius) in sextile providing ample opportunity to ground and consciously apply your plans, thoughts, and communications in a manner that serves you and others.  

The Moon continues her transit through creative, vulnerable and psychic Pisces but goes VOID at 6:00 p.m. EST suggesting a "time-out" on externals as you tend to your instincts and heart energy.  The Moon remains in VOID all day tomorrow on Friday until 6:15 p.m. EST.  Get important decisions and initiations cued up today as tomorrow is a time when people are lacking the impetus to formalize or commit to new external situations.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Monday and Tuesday, February 16th & 17th

Galactic Center ~ photo by NASA

Monday, February 16th:  The Galactic Center is the rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy - our Galactic home.  The essence of this is the pure energy from which all life is formed, loved and aligned with.  When you tune into this "home base" you are connecting with the truth of your being which is divine energy and of spirit.  Today the Sun, your essence and consciousness, (27 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius) has an opportunity to calibrate to this ever ubiquitous vibrational energy.  Feelings of increased peace and "knowing" may pervade your day as you balance your experience of humanity or "being in human form" to a broader symmetry.  Yet, the ego, the side of self that seeks sameness and competition may feel at odds with your awareness as Mars squares the Galactic Center pushing for adjustment and realization (27 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Perception is key as you become the watcher of self, your roles and your reactions.  The Moon is in Capricorn - the builder of reality and structures and goes VOID from 3:15 to 7:15 p.m. EST and then enters Aquarius preparing you for the New Moon on Wednesday.

On TUESDAY passion, longing, desire for the divine and intuition are highlighted as Eros, the energy of passion and love, merges with Psyche the intuitive and psychic at 23 Pisces.  Visions and illuminations may permeate your day as you unite desire and personal passion.  There can be a questioning of your goals and beliefs feeding a need to adjust objectives and expectations as Jupiter quincunxes Chiron (16 degrees Leo to Pisces).

"When you turn your attention to the limitless, the irritation seems small compared to the sun and moon and stars.  When you imagine the infinite, you're touched by your infinite self." ~The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Thursday, February 12, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Friday and Saturday, February 13th & 14th

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Friday, February 13th:  The Moon continues her transit through expansive and spiritual Sagittarius and with Mercury's change into direct motion you may begin to feel that you are gaining your bearings, thoughts, and perceptual foothold.  

A potentially intuitive time as the desire for Soul merging and higher understanding is denoted as Venus conjuncts the psychic asteroid Psyche (21 degrees Pisces).  This can be a highly romantic and idealized desire for soul union as your romantic ideals are engaged.

Your insights and desires may be challenged by your desire for truth vs. your comfort zone as Mars squares Pholus (25 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Allowing for some shifts is helpful as some element of your ego, will, or desires are in a period of adjustment in connection to travel, knowledge gathering, media activity, higher consciousness and legal developments.  This may also be felt as a "release" from the spiritual vs. religious ties that bind.  Or, insight into long held dogma that frees you to follow your creative, intuitive and higher consciousness.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Sagittarius is VOID from 10:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. when she then ingresses traditional and conservative Capricorn.  In Capricorn you seek structure, reliability and emotional involvements that have staying power.  

The Sun is now sextile to Pholus (25 degrees Aquarius to Pisces) supporting your conscious awareness and the opportunity to release yourself from unhealthy and toxic generational/family imprints. 

Transformation in nurturing, motherhood, physical pleasure and passion may build as Pluto conjuncts Ceres (at 14 degrees Capricorn).  Personal power and change can be experienced in relation to your mother, parenting functions, elements of self-care, the ability to give and receive nurturing, career dynamics and ambition drives.  Spending time in nature can be especially rewarding now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, February 11th and 12th ~ Mercury Direct

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Wednesday, February 11th:  Surfacing after a period of retracing steps, thoughts, plans and next steps.  Like a road trip where things have been lost along the way, you have retraced your travels, gathering lost items/people/insights and will soon be manifesting this period of introspection in your external world as Mercury turns direct today at 9:51 a.m. EST (at 1 degree Aquarius).  These review periods are part of life (roughly 6 months out of the year including the shadow periods - till March 4th) and represent gestation periods before another level of understanding and implementation commences.  Yes, the mind is operating under a foggy haze on the day prior, of and after this direction change.  But, with the elongated and deep focus in the sign of Aquarius you know something important is about to be birthed regarding your humanity, group participation, future drives, goals and friendship needs.  

The Moon is still traveling through transformative Scorpio making predominately harmonious aspects through the day to Pluto, Chiron and Venus - transformation, compassion and values.  

On THURSDAY the Moon in Scorpio is VOID (nothing of consequence) until just before Noon EST when she transits into the sign of knowledge, expansion, beliefs and religion, Sagittarius.  Emotional responsibility, coolness, limitation and/or family issues may surface as the Moon conjuncts Saturn at 7:34 p.m. EST.  Venus is in conjunction to the planet of passion Eros (19 degrees Pisces) where the duo seeks a return to paradise and union with the divine.  Value is sought in merging with the other, your art and your soul.