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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Quantum Notes Service

A weekly subscriber service addressing the higher dimensional realms of development and evolution.  Ascension, 5th dimension (vs. 4th which is very misunderstood), Soul Integration, Divine Essence, Higher Frequency, Manifestation, Torsian Fields and more..

This subscriber based service is dedicated to serving in your evolution utilizing astrology in a way that speaks accurately and efficiently to this time of evolution, healing and personal growth.
Additional content will include the dimensions (1-8th), neuro plasticity, the necessary work of healing unintegrated aspects of self (wounded orphans) in order to truly evolve and integrate personality with Soul Self, dream work, intuitive development and more... 

Your Subscription will include:
~Weekly audio messages addressing the astrological energy of the week ahead delivered every Monday via email with an attached MP3 audio (4 to 10 minutes in duration).  I will be designing this in the spirit of possibility and applying at the highest levels possible in the paradigm of co-creation.
~Weekly written informational tools that have been personally researched and applied.

I am interested in your feedback (two-way communication) that may or may not (only with permission) be shared with the group regarding your experiences. 
What this subscription is NOT - a template in which I tell you what will happen to you.  This is outside the realm of predictive astrology.  

I am seeking a $10 dollar per month commitment with a 3 month minimum as I was a bit challenged by the amount of time I invested on the administration end of my previous subscriber based service - the INspire Series.
If you are game to co-create with me please proceed to your payment options HERE


Monday, April 20, 2015

Daily Energy Forecasts ~

Daily energy forecasts can now be found on my social media sites below.  I post daily information meant to be helpful guiding posts for the day ahead~

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April 2015 ~ Mid Month Review

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Moon in Aries ~ April 18th Video

Photo by Judy Anderson

New Moon in Aries, April 18th
exact at 2:57 p.m. EDT
trines Galactic Center @ 27 degrees Sagittarius
Mercury conjuncts Eros @ 6 degrees Taurus

~Divine Inspiration, honoring personal truth, 
instinct and intuitive urges.  
~Ideas merge with passion spurring on the grounding and "making it happen" energy.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Chiron ~ Spiritual Awakening and Natal Horoscope Placement

Chiron in the birthchart shows a wound, a sensitivity and a vulnerability that is often no one's fault.

Chiron in transit indicates a potential time for illumination, awakening and spiritual development.

Chiron's transit of Pisces lasts until April 2018.  In Pisces we find music, artistry, meditation and creative visualization as effective healing modalities.

Find Your Chiron Placement 
Abbreviation Key:

AR = Aries
TA = Taurus
GE = Gemini
CN = Cancer
LE = Leo
VI = Virgo
LI = Libra
SC = Scorpio
SA = Sagittarius
CA = Capricorn
AQ = Aquarius
PI = Pisces


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mercury transits Taurus

photo by www.scottmichaelanna.com

The energy representing how you think and communicate, Mercury,  joins Mars in Taurus on April 14th where he will transit before his long transit of Gemini beginning  April 30th.  Mercury brings conscious awareness and potential discussion to the Mars energy of desire, assertiveness and personal will.

The 21st and 22nd are strong days for Mercury when he first trines Pluto signaling a few days of concentration, financial flow, effective planning, and powerful discussion.  On the 22nd he conjuncts Mars in Taurus (16 degrees) supercharging your mental prowess, pragmatic reasoning, communications and travel.  Your words can come across more strongly than you intend on the 22nd.  Others will be expressing themselves more intensely as well - be aware if you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Mercury in Taurus communicates carefully, making sure of each word before saying it.  There is a slowing of your perceptions as your mind retains, steadies and consolidates ideas, this is a down to earth approach to planning and practicality.  Spontaneity is tempered with your desire for a more deliberate understanding.

ARIES your mind is centered on your values - material, intellectual or spiritual.  You will think about and plan more than usual now.  Negotiations can be a focus concerning property or money.  Your more concerned with business and commercial affairs - shopping and business activity increases.  Transactions and planning will be more important and as a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want. ~Valuable communications

TAURUS it's a good time for expressing your point of view to people.  You are able to put more of yourself into what you say and your more authentic as a result.  Your mind will be more active and you can accomplish a great deal over the next two weeks.  You may have a strong urge to get out and travel around your town and community.  This can also be a strong period for profitable and interesting negotiations or contractual discussions. ~Clarity of mind

GEMINI is more inclined to keep your opinions to yourself even when you "should" speak up.  You are also more in touch with the hidden aspects of yourself and others as you tune into the subtler aspects of life.  You may feel like withdrawing to think, study, daydream or meditate.  This transit can encourage a period of research or planning done in private. ~Contemplative time

CANCER influences you to think about your goals and personal happiness.  Are your goals really or own or have they been influenced by friends and other people?  You will have more verbal and intellectual exchanges with friends and groups you belong to.  It's a nice time for socializing and discussions.  Thinking about your future is not uncommon and is useful to examine you desires.  ~Increased social discourse

LEO your professional life is on your mind over the next two weeks to include community involvement and any public activity you partake in. Communications in your outer life may assume greater importance than usual as can paper work, following procedures or travel.  Advertising and contract negotiations should work out favorably.  ~Public communications

VIRGO it's a good time for study, education and intellectual eagerness.  Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy, publishing, education or higher knowledge will grab your attention.  A trip may be in the cards and if so should be interesting, active and different than the norm.  ~Elevated insights

LIBRA a time of inward reflection and reflecting upon your psychology and getting in touch with your more hidden thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  Exchanges can have a profound effect upon you causing you to make changes in your ways of thinking.  Finances, property and resources held jointly with another are a focus.  ~Transformational dialogue

SCORPIO clarifying and explaining issues with important others may be a focus.  You need other people's input regarding your plans and views and this can be an effective time for clearing up any misunderstandings within key partnerships.  You seek intellectual stimulation and conversations.  Contract negotiations and client activity may increase.  ~Receiving input

SAGITTARIUS you are more attentive to detail and using the best techniques available as you plan carefully and work out active steps in advance.  Your planning has a great sense of purpose.  Doing your job and being effective in your daily schedule is a priority.  Mercury can also increase nervousness or anxious - be aware of perfectionism tendencies.  Hygiene and health is a focus.  ~ Devil's in the details

CAPRICORN using your mind for amusement and self expression bring pleasure.  Prank playing and personal amusement is amplified.  Enlarging your mind through playing, games, with children and in creative expression is enjoyable and effective.  Mental leisure is important - doing, saying and expressing because it feels good without the need for purpose or productivity.  ~ Intellectual gymnastics

AQUARIUS it's a time of intellectual withdrawal to reflect and think about all of the activity and ideas you've encountered recently.  A time to examine your personal an domestic life and to make plans whether they are meeting your needs.  Increased communications with parents and siblings is probable.  ~ Personal pondering

PISCES you will have many discussions, contact and conversations with others.  Meeting new people, increased travel, and more exposure to relatives and neighbors are highlighted.  It's a good time for all intellectual activities, commerce, writing and communication.  Stay flexible and open to people's point of view as there may be useful insights to integrate.  ~Connected and on the move

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Venus transits Gemini ~ sign by sign

Photo by www.scottmichaelanna.com

Venus transits Gemini from April 11th until May 7th.  In Gemini, the Goddess of Love and Relating expresses her affection verbally, cleverly, lightly and playfully.  The need to talk about your emotions and feelings is important for intimacy and connection.  Pleasure is changeable, curious, talkative and friendly.  Intelligence and wit is valued now as is variety and new stimulation.

Pay attention to what comes up for you in the way of value, focus and in relationships as Mercury will be transiting this very area for an elongated period of time.  Due to his retrograde (May 18th - June 11th) Mercury will be transiting Gemini from April 30th to July 8th amplifying and re-patterning your mind, plans and the decisions you implement in early July.

Dear Aries as Venus transits your 3rd house,  your everyday surroundings and activities are more pleasant and agreeable - your social life picks up.  Neighbors, siblings and friends highlight your days with chatter and light hearted exchange.  You discover there is a considerable amount of love in your everyday life.  Beauty in your everyday life is important and of value. You are eager to connect, drive about and enjoy the scenery.  A magnificent time to tell people you love them.  ~Love and beauty in the day to day 

Dear Taurus as Venus transits your 2nd house,  your ability to attract material possessions, money and people elevates over the next several weeks.  Financial opportunities may arrive but be aware that you are more apt to spend lavishly as well.  Purchases can include artwork, jewelry, beauty procedures and clothes.  Borrowing money and financial negotiations should favorably.  ~Beautiful acquisitions

Dear Gemini as Venus transits your 1st house, your desire to relate to others strengthens as you are willing to compromise, tend to negotiations and agreements.  Your energy is filled with warmth and agreeableness heightening your ability to attract high vibratory people and circumstances.  Life feels softer and friendlier now.  The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to manifest positive situations ~A good time for a good time

Dear Cancer as Venus transits your 12th house,  selflessness in love and life may expand over the next few weeks.  Caring for a loved one, charitable activity and volunteerism are possible.  You are not seeking immediate gratification now and feel inspired to share of yourself in a helpful manner.  Time spent in self-reflection, meditation and floating time is especially rejuvenating and enjoyable.  Secret desires and relationships may be experienced now.  ~Forbearance and grace

Dear Leo as Venus transits your 11th house, you feel friendly and its a great time for group activities, friends and personal happiness.  Any situation in which you deal with many people is favored by this transit.  You want what is good for everyone and your ego energy is happy to comply.  All of your relationships, personal and professional possess a friendly quality.  ~What's good for others is good for you.  

Dear Virgo, as Venus transits your 10th house, attracting favorable circumstances regarding your work, public role and community involvement is enhanced.  People are viewing you as charming, appealing and willing to compromise.  Artistic matters , public relations or design work can occupy your time.  Any new relationship will be with someone older or more established who may act as a mentor or guide.  ~Enhanced reputation and goodwill

Dear Libra, as Venus transits your 9th house, conscious expanding experiences that broaden your life through beauty, love or travel can bring about personal growth.  Enjoyable pleasure trips, art exhibits, foreign connections and celebrations may be avenues for increased delight with the world around you.  Media relations, web design and educational exchanges are extremely satisfying.  Increased spiritual awareness can occur now.  You are attracted to the new and different. ~Mind expansion 

Dear Scorpio, as Venus transits your 8th house, existing relationships can deepen and give love a greater intensity.  A relationship that begins now will have a deep and transformative effect.  You may attract money through a business partner, spouse, financial outlet or inheritance.  Money owed to you can come through now and seeking a loan will be easier.  Psychological healing and support increases. ~ Benefits through others

Dear Sagittarius, as Venus transits your 7th house, it's easy to create a stronger balance between yourself and others enhancing all of your relationships, key partnerships and client relations.  Expressing affection in your committed partnerships sweetens and flows as you value more deeply the others in your world.  A new relationship may enter your life.  ~Harmonious relating

Dear Capricorn, as Venus transits your 6th house, work, daily schedules, co-workers, and employee relations are all positively affected as you seek and receive a higher level of camaraderie, cooperation, and support from those in your day to day life.  Responsibilities, obligations and tasks take on a softer and more pleasurable tone.  Benefits may come from those in your routine or health related environment.  ~Enjoyable schedules

Dear Aquarius, as Venus transits your 5th house, a favorable time to relax, play, feed your heart and express yourself is encouraged.  Love relationships and dating are satisfying as others more readily enjoy you simply by being you!  Art activities, concerts and esthetic pleasures are especially gratifying.  It's easier to enjoy and relate to your children and the younger generation. ~Open hearts

Dear Pisces, as Venus transits your 4th house, enjoying family, spending quiet times at home, beautifying your living space and entertaining guests is gratifying and valuable.  Relations with your parents are enhanced and feel more harmonious.  You feel amiable in a quiet way and enjoy like minded people surrounding you.  A deepening sense of security and personal value is more easily accessed and understood.  ~Soul rhythms

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jupiter stations Direct ~ (sign by sign)

Photo by www.staceyhinkle photography.com

Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo on 
Wednesday, April 8th where he will transit through August 11th

Dear Aries, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your creative self-expressions commences another chapter of growth and expansion.  Children's relationships are set to improve and love relationships also have the capacity to expand the range of experience in your life.  The keyword is freedom as well as a growing sense of self and renewed faith.  Fun is important.  When you have fun your energy rises.  When your energy rises you attract good things. ~Heart openings 

Dear Taurus, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo gain is found within your soul, home, and personal life.  Your inner most sense of self is enhanced as is a need to be true to your self and your vibrational essence.  Any trouble within your domestic sphere is on the path to resolution.  Generosity within the family is possible, as is a move or home improvements.  Family support may feel stronger over the next several months.  ~Firming up inner foundations

Dear Gemini, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo communications with others improve and you are able to say what is on your mind more effectively.  Your everyday life is expanding to increase your wisdom and understanding through everyday contacts, friends, siblings and community.  People want to talk with and support you.  Writing, education and travel are all areas that can fuel evolution.  Car and computer purchases are possible.  ~Mental expansion

Dear Cancer, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your values are cultivating another level of manifestation through your earnings, material possessions, talent development and spiritual gain.  It is now easier to effectively manage your resources to concentrate on a goal and desire.  Managing your material world and personal resources brings confidence and personal growth.  ~What do you value?

Dear Leo, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo another major cycle of increase is occurring.  Getting to know yourself better through personal discovery and new experiences is a need now.  People and resources are likely to be drawn to you and the spiritual dimensions of your life and personal truth is expanding.  Your increased self-confidence is expanding your scope of activities. ~Learning about yourself

Dear Virgo, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your powers of manifestation are stronger as you are invited to go within for your motivation and spiritual fulfillment.  Your heart is more sensitive as are your powers of visualization and reaching another level of personal integration through healing the past, prayer, meditation and dreaming. You are very interested in spiritual truths and wisdom now.  ~Remembering your divinity

Dear Libra, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your hopes, ideals and wishes for the future are entering another cycle of development and manifestation.  This is not a time to go it alone as helpmates are appearing or are on the way.  People are more than usually supportive and helpful through August.  You may also be in a mood to positively transform or reform society.  ~What is good for others will be good for you

Dear Scorpio, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo recognition or the esteem of your contemporaries may increase as long as you don't fall into the trap of arrogance or entitlement.  Promotions, public recognition and the ability for far reaching achievement is possible now.  Travel, writing or foreign contacts may become more important in relation to your work, community involvement and working with the public.  For some?  A marriage or change in status.  ~Life direction expands

Dear Sagittarius, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your educational, publishing, legal activities and quest for knowledge increases.  Your desire to learn more about the world around you, connect with higher consciousness, or advance your education improves.  Your views on life are changing and this is a powerful time of maturation in the most positive sense.  ~Personal adventures

Dear Capricorn, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo insurance, commission, alimony, or tax payouts that are overdue or on hold are now received.  Pooling resources with another through investment or business partnership is possible now.  People are more willing to help you and share their resources with you.  Healing limiting psychological patterns is supported.  ~Benefiting from other people's resources

Dear Aquarius, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo another chapter of one-to-one encounters with people who can help you out in various ways is underway.  You are not inclined to go it alone, nor should you.  You very much need another person's assistance to mirror your individuality.  Through August it will be a good time to consult with professionals and learn through their expertise.  Committed relationships can grow stronger, uncommitted can convert to commitment, and those in partnerships that have stagnated may now find the courage to leave.  ~Learning through others

Dear Pisces,  as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo work and schedules become more fulfilling and enjoyable.  Better working conditions, co-workers or employee hires is probable over the next few months.  Feeling supported and more gratified in one's daily life is healing and life affirming.  There is a tendency towards weight gain during this transit.  If you've experienced ill health recovery will now be easier to attain and maintain.  ~Upbeat duties and tasks

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gestating on Jupiter? TWO Day for Thursday and Friday, April 2nd & 3rd ~

Photo by Pia Bell Ford

Thursday, April 2nd:  Something is brewing and is definitely tied to the opportunity and expansion that seemingly has been on hold since December.  The mind is clear and pragmatic and the heart is becoming inflamed with possibilities as the Sun trines Jupiter in a fiery connection that invites you into the world of inspiration, "asking for more from life," and taking a chance.  Identifying and believing in your optimism and desire for growth is part of the fuel that is gaining a foothold.  Jupiter has stopped in the sky in preparation for his station direct on the 8th.  Identify, act on opportunity and back up that opportunity with applied steps and planning.  Mercury is trine stable Saturn indicating that your goals and faith do indeed hold fertile and sustainable ground in the conscious mind.  Very good ~ The Moon in Virgo is VOID however, all day long....plant those seeds with a view to next week as a time of manifestation and outward opportunity.  Create it now internally but be patient...

On FRIDAY the Moon heads into Libra and you feel the Eclipse energy (you already do...), hopefully you not quaking under the bed in fear but committed to your own emotional processing while being aware of content and the commitment to release.  Be the watcher and process whatever comes up.  The slower the better actually.  There is a feeling of finality, of taking stock and clearing up any residual denial that may be lurking.  Without challenge there would be no growth, without choices there would be no evolution, without fear there would be no bravery. ~

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Sign by Sign ~

Growth, destiny and evolution are themes that are writ large in this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Your goal?  To let the dust settle allowing emotions to surface knowing you are emptying out energy that is no longer needed for your growth.

The Eclipse occurs at 14 degrees Libra (exact at 8:07 a.m. on Saturday, April 4th) the sign of balance and relating.  Libra seeks harmony and when life has become out of balance Libra seeks to even out the dynamics.  Jupiter is sextiling the Moon in Libra and trining the Sun in Aries.  Jupiter turns direct just 4 days after the eclipse promising another chapter of expansion into the weeks and months ahead.  The North Node of destiny and Soul Growth is conjunct the Moon in Libra while opposing the Sun in Aries.  Your emotions, instincts and intuitive faculties are important as the North Node promises personal evolution and development.

Dear Aries what needs to be released in the area of life concerning community involvements, status, career goals, authority relationships, parents, fear or life direction?  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your personal life, identity and originality?  A cycle may be finishing in your relationships as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while visualizing the promise of your future progress.  Developments in your romantic, creative, leisure activity and children's affairs are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Taurus what needs to be released in the area of life concerning belief systems, education plans, publishing efforts, marketing goals, travel experiences and higher consciousness?  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your spiritual life, private time, psychological health, fearful thinking, and research methods?  A cycle may be finishing in your daily work schedule, health regime, pet situation, co-worker relationships or employment as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while visualizing the promise of your future destiny and trusting your heart. Developments in your home, living situations, family relationships and personal security are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Gemini what needs to be released in the area of life concerning investments, partners resources, fearful thinking, debts, loans, payments, intimacy or inheritances?  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your personal goals, friendship dynamics, team development, technology projects and happiness factor?  A cycle may be finishing in your creative projects, children's affairs, romantic life, and leisure activities as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while visualizing the promise of the future and destiny while embracing your creativity and trusting your heart. Developments in your writing and speaking activities, educational endeavors, with siblings, community or neighbors are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Cancer what needs to be released in the area of life concerning relationship conflict, professional affiliations, expert advice, marriage partner and relating style ?  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your life direction, career, interactions with the public, and community involvement?  A chapter may be closing in your family, home, housing situation as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while visualizing the promise of your future destiny and trusting your heart. Developments in your earnings, skill development, material acquisition and personal confidence is assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Leo place your intention on release in the area of life concerning hard work, decayed health habits, co-worker relationships or daily pet care.  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your higher mind, need for adventure, educational desires, travel plans, publishing needs and the future?  A cycle may be finishing in your manner of speech, writing activity, sibling relationship dynamics, community involvement or travel agenda as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter and trusting your heart. Developments at the personal level, in self-confidence, opportunities, and consciously asking for more are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Virgo place your intention on release in the area of life concerning romantic control habits, obsessions, fateful experiences with your offspring, the younger generation, creative fears and obligatory leisure activities.  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your intimate relationships, psychology, damaging self-belief, investments, debt repayment planning, taxes or shared resources?  A cycle may be finishing in your way of earning a living, any remnants of low self-esteem, talent development, material acquisition and value systems as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while embracing your creativity and trusting your heart. Developments occur behind in the scenes, in healing and well-being, spiritual awareness, synchronicity and manifestation are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Libra place your intention on release in the area of life concerning family, personal fear, security issues, living situations, or the past.  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your relationship patterns, co-dependency tendencies, automated reactions, commitment desires (going along to get along), client patterns, experts that your hire and the public?  A cycle may be finishing in your personal needs, fears, goals, physicality, appearance, doing what is socially acceptable rather than true as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in your friendships, making new friends, group activities, team leadership and the future are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Scorpio place your intention on release in the area of life concerning anxious thought patterns, limited thinking, writing skills, teaching ability, sibling, neighbor and community relationships and travel.   How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your daily life, work habits, health regime, pet activity, services?  A cycle may be finishing in your private life, spiritual awareness, fearful thinking, addictions, and research activities as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in your career, reputation, authority support and public activity are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Sagittarius place your intention on release in the  area of life concerning financial fear, lack of self-esteem, overly focusing on material status, and earning potential.   How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your are of fun and leisure time, creative self-expression, with your children or the younger generation, and romantically?  A cycle may be finishing in a friendship, group involvement, goal development, personal desire, financial peaks and the future as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in your educational goals, knowledge gathering, travel plans, publishing goals, media or website activity, legal situations and foreign connects are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Capricorn place your intention on release in the area of life concerning personal appearance, false self-expression, physical illness, and first impressions.  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your personal life, home, family, how or where you live?  A cycle may be finishing in your career, life goals, reputation, status, community involvement, and working with the public as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in your psychological healing, support systems, partner's resources, psychic growth and intimate life are assured into the weeks ahead.

Dear Aquarius place your intention on release in the area of life concerning anxiety, the past, too much solitude, research activities and fearful thinking.   How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your internal dialogue, manner of speech, writing, teaching, travel and sibling, community relating?  A cycle may be finishing in your higher education, teaching, publishing, travel, legal or spiritual awakening to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in committed relationships, seeking committed relationship, client activity, finding the right expert to consult and the public are assured into the future. 

Dear Pisces place your intention on releasing worry or obsessiveness in the area of life concerning unsustainable friendships, worry over the future, team dynamics, group activities and personal happiness.  How can you stimulate and awaken more freedom and innovation in your earning potential, unique skill development, growing values regarding technology, astrology and alternative healing?  A cycle may be finishing in your financial support, taxes, partner's money, corporate budgets, physical intimacy, inheritances, investments and psychology as energy needs to be cleared out to make way for the next chapter while trusting the process and having faith in your growth and evolution.  Developments in your daily working life, with co-workers, employees you hire, pet dynamics, health, and your personal services are assured into the future.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 30th & 31st

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com

Having a dream that perplexes you?  

Monday, March 30th:  A favorable day for money, relating and personal validation commences as Venus trines Pluto (15 degrees Taurus to Capricorn).  Strong, yet positive feelings permeate the day as your relationships feel deeper, stronger and more connected.  This earthy energy affirms your physical needs and financial activities.  The Moon's transit through Leo strengthens your confidence and self image as you pour creative energy into your environment and encourage others.  The Moon in Leo enters a long VOID period just prior to 10:00 a.m. EDT where she will ease up on external emotional demands and responses until TUESDAY at 2:15 p.m. EDT.  Handling routine tasks and habitual routines are enjoyable as you go about your day with fewer interruptions and distractions.

Mercury transits into Aries (at 9:44 p.m. EDT) where the planet of communication, travel, siblings, and commercial activity will transit through April 14th.  In Aries, Mercury communicates assertively, directly and confidently.  You may feel restless as your need for action underlies your manner of speaking.  

Personal desires are in a state of balancing and growth as the Sun opposes the North Node in Libra (10 degrees Aries to Libra).  Soul growth is focused on blending your personal needs with others while simultaneously maintaining your autonomy and will.  

On TUESDAY your assertive energies move from the competitive and direct into the steady and conservative as Mars enters Taurus at 12:27 p.m. EDT where he will transit through May 11th.    The male principal joins his counterpoint Venus in a sign that seeks consolidation, productivity and financial security.  In Taurus the Mars energy is colored by material concerns, possessiveness and a desire for a slower and steadier pace.  Deep appreciation of the physical senses, comfort, artistry and nature is enhanced over the next several weeks.  

The Moon enters earth sign Virgo at 2:14 p.m. EDT furthering the earthy and practical energy.  Perfectionism, discernment, and critical tendencies embodies the next two and a half days.  The desire to be helpful and to organize your environment is important.

Jupiter is enhancing your spiritual awareness and desire for soul connection and development as the planet of expansion is in trine to the asteroid Psyche (12 degrees Leo to Aries).  Intuition and insights can increase over the next few days as you connect with personal truths.  Love, children and creative activities provide avenues for evolution, deeper understanding and authentic self-expression.